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create file in shared folder docker container

When I try to create a file in a folder that is shared between the host and the container, I get the following error sh: can not create *.txt: Protocol error I have mac os, so I use docker-machine in virtualbox to run container. To summarize, I shared folder between virtualbox and host, then I […]

Unable to start Docker Container with ONOS

I would like to build a cluster of 3 nodes on ONOS Falcon VM using Docker container while OS is Ubuntu. I have installed Docker and pulled Docker image. Now image is in onosproject/onos. When I am trying to generate instances its generating an error. Following are the error details. onos@onos-tutorial:~$ sudo docker images REPOSITORY […]

Specify network security group for docker-machine to use

I’m getting started using docker-machine on my Windows 2016 box. I’m trying to create some VMs in Azure but I have a particular network security group that I want for it to use and which already exists in Azure. I ran docker-machine create –driver azure and looked over the small help text which tells me […]

Does docker on Windows SBS 2011 write to mounted volume immediately?

I’ve played around a lot with docker on Linux and Mac OS and all worked pretty well. Now I want to setup a small container on a Windows SBS 2011 host system. As of now I don’t have access to that production system and want to know if there’s any special thing I should know […]

Not able to connect to Oracle Database using Docker Container

I am deploying my application into a Docker container, on Webspehre liberty server as an EAR file. However, when the application is running, it cannot connect to the Oracle Database which is running on another host where we are trying to connect through jndi lookup defined in server.xml of Websphere liberty. <dataSource id=”oracle” jndiName=”jdbc/QADBApp” type=”javax.sql.Datasource”> […]

Command to move folders from one container to another container using Dockerfile

I have pulled ubuntu16.04 and run docker image. I need to move all the folders to “mydistribution” folder inside docker image. docker pull ubuntu:16.04 docker run -it ubuntu root@cb3e5b5e75e9:/# ls bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var In my Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:16.04 USER […]

How add file in volume for docker image from docker-machine on linux host

I use linux machine ( now OpenSuse, but test this in Fedora and Ubuntu too). For working with Pycharm i need use docker-machine. All works fine, if i create docker image and connect volume to it in my linux host. If i use docker-machine i can’t see any file in my attach volume. 1) I […]

Is it possible to organize cluster of docker machines in local network to improve resource utilization?

At work we have very powerful workstations and they are not utilized on 100%. Sometimes only IDE is running on them and a few browser windows. Is there a preferable way to organize a cluster of docker machines in our local network with service discovery to run some useful things like performance or stress tests, […]

How to set new folders inherit folder permission in Docker volume on Mac

I am using Docker-machine on Mac for a PHP application. My code is shored in mac, and shared to docker-machine as volume. This is my docker-compose.yml app: build: . volumes: – .:/var/www/html My PHP application will create a folder in the shared volume and write some files in it. The shared volume is set to […]

docker-machine amazon-ec2 fail during init

I’m starting this script from my MacOS with docker 1.12.1, this script used to work … But, now no way: I got a timeout during VM init, waiting for ssh connection?!! Here is my code: aws ec2 create-security-group –group-name ${group_name} –description “A Security Group for Docker Networking” > /dev/null 2>&1 # Permit SSH, required for […]

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