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install docker on network drive

I have docker installed on a Latop and attempted to install a container on a network folder( hosted on a NAS4FREE machine) connected to it via AFP/SMB The installation using kinematic yield this log file which based on the read out means I have some invalid file permissions So I went ahead and made the […]

Dial tcp connectex: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

I am getting this error when I attempt to start the docker terminal or do any operation with the docker-machine like create a new machine, regenerate certificates. I tried the following It was working fine until a few days back. OS: Windows 10 Home Virtualbox Upgrade/Downgrade, install the default Virtual Box that comes with the […]

How to install telnet in Docker for Windows 10

When I run telnet command in Docker it does not run. Could you please tell me how to install telnet in Docker for Windows?

docker: why are images per machine?

I’m trying to learn docker-machine and docker swarm. After creating and running a few machines, I discovered that the docker images are actually per machine. This means that one has to pull/build images for each machine that’s in a cluster. This sounds like a waste of time/space for me. What’s the logic behind this?

configuring docker in mac

I want to configure docker(which is running on mac) with DOCKER_OPTS variable pointing to my server ip addresses . In linux we can configure the docker file present in /etc/default. How can we achieve the same thing in mac?

folder permissions docker-osx-dev

I’m using docker on macOS with docker-osx-dev (https://github.com/brikis98/docker-osx-dev) And all is ok. It helps me to solve the problem with slow volumes. But every time when i up my docker-compose i have a problem with permissions and i am forced to set permission through docker exec and chmod … I spent a lot of time […]

Jboss As 7.1 docker How to change default to run with standalone-full-ha(Windows)

I am relatively new to docker and we have got application which use jboss as 7.1 and active mq 5.x . I am trying to create docker compose file which basically use jboss 7.1 image and active mq and I try to map my windows volume to this jboss folders , while one of the […]

docker machine: getsockopt no route to host

I set up docker private registry with Nexus 3.0.2 OSS on windows 2012 server as below, docker_repository there is a docker machines (version 0.8.0) installed on VirtualBox through Docker tools (v1.12.0) for windows (windows 8.1). I added the repository connector url to insecureRegistry in config.json file to allow insecure connection. It always returns “no route […]

Docker: How to store images and metadata on another filesystem?

This issue has been really giving me grief and I would appreciate some help. Running docker 1.10.3 on a vanilla Centos7.1 box, I have two file systems, a 15gb dev/vda1 where my root and var/lib is and a 35gb /dev/vdc1 mounted on mnt where I would like to put my docker volumes/image data and meta […]

Docker Pull Output Weird

When I pull normally using docker pull <image-name> my output looks like this When I pull using docker-compose up my output looks like this They are both pulling/using the same image. They both work in the end but the output of the first looks a lot better than the second. How can I fix this?

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