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Nodemon doesn't restart

I have a nodemon running in a docker-container with a mounted volume on OSX. Nodemon is receiving the file-change but it doesn’t restart the server. Output: Creating piclet_web_1… Attaching to piclet_web_1 web_1 | 7 Sep 13:37:19 – [nodemon] v1.4.1 web_1 | 7 Sep 13:37:19 – [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter `rs` web_1 | […]

Requests to docker-machine created boot2docker host

For fast development purposed I spin a MongoDB container on boot2docker on the standard MongoDB port and then I just connect to the database on the boot2docker ip on that port. Currently its With docker-machine I created a new boot2dockers named “host” which has the ip where I installed docker-compose to spin MongoDB […]

What are the possibilities to debug a docker swarm?

I’m trying to create a container’s cluster using the docker swarm engine and following the official documentation: https://docs.docker.com/swarm/install-w-machine/. But unfortunately till now without success. On the documentation’s step to get the information about the swarm, only two containers are displayed (the ones from the swarm-master) instead of four. Here are the output I’m getting: $ […]

Add and delete links to a docker container dynamically

I am running a flask application & with Openldap as the server. I need to add & delete links in running flask app container to openldap container. Basically I gave the link to openldap at runtime in flask app container. Now I want to add & delete openldap containers as I please & link them […]

Docker install in user home

I have access to Grid5000 and would like to use Docker containers on it. Tutorial says, that users should install the tools in the user home. And add the user home to Path environment parameter. How can I install it without use of ap-get command? My user isn’t in sudoers group also.

Docker Machine Virtual Box Driver Issue

I tried Docker machine for creating bare docker based VM using virtual BOX driver,When I tried changing the network from NAT to Bridge machine start showing error and no IP is assigned to the machine by the docker-machine.In addition to that, when I tried taking SSH of the machine it hangs my terminal. Is it […]

docker-machine specify daemon port

Cannot I specify which port the docker-daemon listens to when connecting via docker-machine? I couldn’t find such option in ~/.docker/machine/machines/name/config.json I mean, docker daemon on some machine is listening on 1234 instead 2376, cannot I connect to it via docker-machine?

HTTP status: 500 error on docker pull using docker-machine

After removing and reinstalling a default machine using Docker Quickstart and VirtualBox any docker pull fails. Restarting docker-machine doesn’t help. For example: ~$ docker pull ubuntu:14.04 Error response from daemon: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/library/ubuntu/manifests/14.04: Received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

Docker Ruby 2.2.3 simply Rails App

I’m following the tutorial “Running a Rails Development Environment in Docker”, but I’m stuck in the 1 point, when I type: docker build -t demo . I’m in the “new rails” folder called demo (the main directory of a new Rails app). I’m using the following Dockerfile: FROM ruby:2.2 MAINTAINER marko@codeship.com # Install apt based […]

Manage docker environment for Swarm running cluster with UPC

I have successfully running an UPC cluster with 3 ubuntu instances. I want to access the docker swarm environment, either docker-machine, or docker swarm manage, but it has not been possible. The closest I’ve been has been adding machines via docker-machine with generic driver, but when I try to add this using the –swarm parameter, […]

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