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How to add 3rd party jar to maven container docker

Hi i have developed a Java application which will take data from MsSql DB and push this data to Salesforce account. I have created this project as Maven project. The Jars used for Sql and salesforce are local one. I have installed locally using mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-file> -DgroupId=<group-id> \ -DartifactId=<artifact-id> -Dversion=<version> -Dpackaging=<packaging> And able to […]

Share SSH Key to Docker Machine

I have an exisiting VM with docker installed (CoreOS) and I can connect to docker with the following powershell command. docker-machine create –driver generic –generic-ip-address=$IP –generic-ssh-key=$keyPath –generic-ssh-user=user vm docker-machine env vm | Invoke-Expression # Set Environment Variables Everything worked fine. I was able to build and run containers. Then I told my build server to […]

Generate TLS certificates for Docker for Windows

Within PyCharm I am trying to connect to the Docker daemon using the API url. However it will not connect without a valid certificate. I have Docker for Windows installed and within the Hyper-V Manager the MobyLinuxVM is running. I can create images etc. with no problems using the docker commands withing PowerShell, so I […]

“docker run hello-world” through a proxy tunnel

Docker through Openport.io tunnel I have a Linux Docker host set up and running. On my laptop I can successfully issue commands (such as docker run hello-world) directly to the Docker host. However, now I need to issue commands to the host indirectly through a tunnel provided by openport.io. The problem Assume the Docker host […]

Docker compose wait for without sleep command

I’ve read lots for similar topics; For example this: Docker Compose wait for container X before starting Y etc. So, I’m trying to implement a wait for only using compose and health checks. I have only one docker-compose file. There is a section for the app and for test for this app. Test (service) can […]

docker-machine AWS can't create machine Error checking and/or regenerating the certs

All of a sudden I can’t create new machines with docker machine on AWS. I can connect to old machines just fine, but when trying to create new ones I get this output: Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes… Detecting operating system of created instance… Waiting for SSH to […]

docker-machine command fails on openstack

i want to use docker-machine command in the openstack environement, the docker-machine –version give me docker-machine version 0.10.0, build 76ed2a6 , so i run this command : docker-machine –debug create -d openstack –openstack-ssh-user ubuntu –openstack-auth-url http://controller:35357/v3 –openstack-image-name ubuntu –openstack-flavor-name m1.small –openstack-domain-name default –openstack-floatingip-pool public –openstack-net-name provider master1 it give me this errors : Error creating […]

cannot start docker daemon

I am using docker-machine to setup docker on my remote instance. The daemon refuses to start (services) synon (master) ✗ docker-machine create –driver amazonec2 –amazonec2-region=us-west-2 –amazonec2-zone=a –amazonec2-instance-type=c4.xlarge –amazonec2-ami=ami-efd0428f synon Running pre-create checks… Creating machine… (synon) Launching instance… Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes… Detecting operating system of created instance… […]

docker python SDK – pipe output to a file in exec_run

Using the docker python SDK, I’m trying to pipe output of an echo command to exec_run as follows. container.exec_run([‘echo’,’5′,’|’,’python’,’test.py’]) the test.py has following code s = input() print(s) The output that is produced is : b’5 | python test.py\n’ instead of the expected output of the script. How can this be corrected ?

Should I created three images for Apache http server, php and memcached separately?

I’m dockerizing a php project. My first question is is it a good practice to create three images separately for Apache http server, php and memcached? or it is better to install memcached in php image? If I were to create them separately, how to do the configuration to let Apache http server to support […]

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