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mount external volumes in docker container

I have CentOS host and CentOS docker container. I have mounted an external volume in CentOs host. I want to mount this external volume inside of CentOS docker container. I have tried the following command: mount -t ext4 /dev/sdf /usr/local/share/ext-vol-share for mounting external volume docker run –name=AppServer -it -v /usr/local/share/ext-vol-share:/opt/share/uploads myname/compname:0.5-Appcontainer /bin/bash It takes me […]

How to start multiple containers that use tcp with Docker

I’m trying to run a second Meteor app in a Docker’s container. The first (who is running as I want) is accessible with localhost:3000and I want to run a second one in a other port like localhost:3003. When I try to access the second I got this This website is not accessible. Localhost don’t allow […]

Connect to Docker Machine remotely in Docker Toolbox

Every time i run a docker command remotely (e.g docker-machine ssh default) I always get an error saying that default is not running although I started the docker machine manually on the Windows machine. When I run “docker-machine ls” the state is set to “Timeout” but I run it on the actually windows machine and […]

What patterns are people using for hosting Web Forms application in Windows Containers?

What is the best practice for hosting legacy ASP.NET web form applications in Windows Containers? One image per web app? Compiled web apps mounted into a container of the ASPNET image at docker run?

Docker & Excelsior JET

I’ve been trying to get my head around Docker and if it can be used with a Java application that has been compiled with JET. I found the following documentation on the JET website here, which suggests that using Docker should indeed be possible using the alpine-glibc image base, I cannot get it to run […]

BadRequestException: HTTP 400 Bad Request when try to start a docker container with spotify docker-client

I’m trying to start an existing image with spotifi docker-client. My code snippet is below final DockerClient docker = DefaultDockerClient.fromEnv().build(); final ContainerConfig containerConfig = ContainerConfig.builder().hostConfig(hostConfig).image(“3298e7596fb5”).attachStdin(true).attachStderr(true).attachStdout(true).build(); final ContainerCreation creation = docker.createContainer(containerConfig); final String id = creation.id(); final ContainerInfo info = docker.inspectContainer(id); docker.startContainer(id); When running this I’m getting below exception DefaultDockerClient:578 – Creating container with ContainerConfig: ContainerConfig{hostname=null, […]

is there a way to crash a docker container deliberately?

I’m running a web app as a container and I’m storing the logs generated by this app in a file. But the log file generated by the app is created inside the container file system , So to access these logs when the container crashes I’m using docker volume, so that i have access to […]

Run Chromium inside container: Error = seccomp-bpf failure in syscall 0241

I’m trying to run Chromium inside docker container. Here’s the output when I try to run it with the following flags: –type=renderer –window-position=100,100 –window-size=800,800 So this is the result I get specifically when I use –type=renderer. I cannot find anything related to this error on the internet. What is this output? Where should I start […]

Docker – Windows containers: How to use custom paths

I have been trying to figure out where docker is trying to store images when I am doing a docker pull for windows containers but am unable to find the exact location. Even though I have created Junction links for all the docker files I could find in the C Drive and also configured Hyper-V […]

dockerd –add-runtime vs. docker-container –runtime

What is the difference between setting –add-runtime to dockerd and –runtime to docker-container? Should I define –runtime for manually run docker-container when using also dockerd or will dockerd take care of picking right runtime?

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