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how to use –since option with docker logs command

I want to look at last 1 hour of docker container log using docker logs –since option.. But I don’t know what value to provide for –since parameter. can someone help me.

Link Running External Docker to docker-compose services

I assume that there is a way to link via one or a combination of the following: links, external_links and networking. Any ideas? I have come up empty handed so far. Here is an example snippet of a Docker-compose which is started from within a separate Ubuntu docker version: ‘2’ services: web: build: . depends_on: […]

Docker:How to get exact time the Docker host receives the request & exact time the Docker container receives the request in docker?

I have a Django application running inside docker container. But because of some reason my application became very slow. I want to use profiling to my application. For that I check with Apache & nginx logs.Then want to get more picture on this.How to get the exact time the docker host receives the request & […]

How could one use Docker Compose to synchronize container execution?

How could one use Docker Compose to synchronize container execution? The problem I’m trying to solve is similar to Docker Compose wait for container X before starting Y. I use Docker Compose to launch several containers, all running on the same host, three of which are PostgreSQL, Liquibase, and a Web application servlet running in […]

How to connect WordPress and MySql running on independant containers

WordPress is running inside a Docker container on hostA and MySQL is running inside a Docker container on hostB. Is it possible to link these two containers to communicate to each other? Is this even possible to do something like this? Any help on this is much appreciated as am pretty new to Docker

Link containers env

Im trying to link two containers to one app, and want to reference those apps hostname/url in an env. Then the main application can run, but i cannot manage to get the values properly. Dockerfile of main app contains this ENV APP1_URL app1 ENV APP2_URL app2 When running docker run -d -p 22222:3000 –link app1:app1 […]

port linking from docker container to host

I have the following situation. I have a service that listens to on port 1234 (This cannot be changed for security reasons). On the same machine run a docker container. I need to somehow connect to the service on the host from within the container. Because the service only accepts requests from, i […]

Can not exit from node app, when using docker

CRT + C is not stopping the node app, when I run the app using docker. Following are the steps I have done. I would be very thankful for your help. My node app. var config = require(‘./config.json’); var mongodb = require(‘mongodb’); var request = require(‘request’); var http = require(‘http’); // Debug log entry when […]

Docker container bash can't connect to local MySQL server through socket

It’s a long title but it should be explicit enough. If I run a docker container with bash and install mysql via apt-get install mysql-server the run the following command : mysql -u root -p I’m met with a resounding : ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) Same […]

Docker volume option create folder as “root” user

I am logged in in my PC (Fedora 24) as rperez. I have setup Docker for being able to run through this user, so I am running a container as follow: $ docker run -d \ -it \ -e HOST_IP= \ -e PHP_ERROR_REPORTING=’E_ALL & ~E_STRICT’ \ -p 80:80 \ -v ~/var/www:/var/www \ –name php55-dev reypm/php55-dev […]

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