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Connecting a Play! application to a postgres (with Postgis) database with Docker-compose

I’m trying to start my Play! 2.4 application using a Postgres database with Docker-compose. I manage to start my Play! application alone (but it doesn’t work since it can’t connect to the database). And I also manage to start my postgis database using the image mdillon/postgis:9.4. My Dockerfile is: FROM mdillon/postgis:9.4 ADD init.sql /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ Here […]

Docker container name not resolved as DNS for overlay network not reachable

I’ve an application composed of a kafka producer and another kafka consumer. I’m trying to deploy it on a Docker swarm on AWS with mutli-host networking enabled. Kafka container is created by the following docker-compose.yml file: kafka: image: spotify/kafka environment: ADVERTISED_PORT: 9092 ports: – “2181:2181” – “9092:9092” This is how I run the containers for […]

docker-compose for artifactory and mysql images

I am using docker-compose to set up Artifactory pro with MySQL as the storage database. Here is my docker-compose.yml artifactory: build: artifactory links: – mysql mysql: image: stain/mysql-for-artifactory And here is artifactory/Dockerfile #Dockerfile for Artifactory Pro FROM stain/artifactory-with-mysql ADD ./artifactory.war /tomcat/webapps When I run the command ‘docker-compose up’ I get the following exception: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error […]

Docker Compose – symlink in deployment

I have an application with this structure. /path/releases /path/releases/01012016 /path/releases/16012016 /path/releases/etc.. And /path/dev (symlink to some version) /path/stag (symlink to some version) /path/stable (symlink to some version) My docker-compose.yml looks like this: nginx: … volumes_from: – data php: … volumes_from: – data data: volumes: – /path/stable:/var/www I known that Docker resolves symlinks. I have thought […]

How to do SSH tunneling with docker (machine & compose)?

I have a mongoDB container running on an instance built with docker-machine, maintained with docker-compose. The mongoDB process isn’t exposed to external traffic. I want to connect to the remote mongoDB server using a GUI tool installed locally and without exposing any ports on the remote machine. What’s the best way to do this? Is […]

How to externalize the docker container file

I am building a custom docker image from the jenkins official image. I want to install the maven to the image and exteralize maven’s config file. But I failed. After the container startup, there is a empty /etc/mavendirectory. I think it may be a permission issue but I can’t solve it after a half day’s […]

Redis Docker connection refused

I just built the redis docker instance $ docker pull redis After which I ran it like this. $ docker run –name=redis –detach=true –publish=6379:6379 redis I get the following $ docker ps key redis “/sbin/entrypoint.sh” 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>6379/tcp redis To me the above means that it is now running listening on […]

Setting up salt-master in Docker container: The ports are not available to bind error

I’m setting up a salt-master to run in a Docker container. I’m using docker-compose to build and run the container. When I start the container I get: salt_master | [WARNING ] Unable to bind socket, error: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address salt_master | The ports are not available to bind salt_master exited with code […]

Flask-Babel won't translate text on AWS within a docker container, but does locally

I have a flask app that is using flask-babel to translate text. I have created a docker container for it all to run in. And i have verified multiple times that both are being run and built exactly the same way. When i put the app on my local docker container (using a vagrant linux […]

Can't connect to a supevisor-socket in Nginx

I have a Docker-setup with nginx and my Flask-application (app-container). The nginx-container doesn’t have anything special in it. The app-container holds my Flask-application, uWSGI and Supervisor. This container shares the volume that the uWSIG-socket is in so the nginx-container can use the socket. This works as intended, however, I can’t access the web interface for […]

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