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Sails application cannot accessed from web browser. Connection refused

I am trying to develop a sails application that uses mongodb which works under docker. Steps that I followed is given below. Cloned application which contains mongodb connections from our git repository. Built it using following command docker build -t bit . Executed docker-compose up docker-compose up -d Tried to get port of the docker […]

Docker cloud service link for Ruby on Rails application

I’m trying docker cloud (previously tutum) to deploy a rails app that uses httparty to get data from another REST API (also deployed in docker cloud). So, the code will be something like the following: def get_service_response response = HTTParty.get(“#{api_service_url}/foo/]” end def self.api_service_url ENV[‘SERVICE_URL’] end We are running two HAProxies, one for the rails web […]

docker exec not working in docker-compose containers

I’m executing two docker containers using docker compose. CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES eef95ca1b59b gogent_qaf “/bin/sh -c ./slave.s” 14 seconds ago Up 12 seconds 4242/tcp, 7000-7005/tcp, 9999/tcp,>22/tcp coreqafidm_qaf_1 a01373e893eb gogent_master “/bin/sh -c ./master.” 15 seconds ago Up 13 seconds 4242/tcp,>7000/tcp,>7001/tcp,>7002/tcp,>7003/tcp,>9999/tcp coreqafidm_master_1 When I try to use: […]

How to use docker to spin up postgres database

I’m trying to have my app code communicate with my postgres db, each of which is running in separate container. However, whenever I attempt to access my db, I keep getting “dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused” which I understand to mean that there is nothing listening on port 5432. But I don’t understand how […]

docker-compose with docker-swarm under docker-machine not mounting volumes

I have a working docker-compose example running a static html with nginx. The directory tree: ├── docker-compose.yml ├── nginx │   ├── app │   │   └── index.html │   └── Dockerfile The docker-compose.yml: nginx: build: ./nginx volumes: – ./nginx/app:/usr/share/nginx/html ports: – 8080:80 The nginx directory has the Dockerfile: FROM nginx Everything is working right. The problem is […]

How to insert dockerised cron process in a docker-compose built LEMP stack?

I have a LEMP stack which is built by this docker-compose file: cadvisor: image: google/cadvisor:latest container_name: lemp_cadvisor ports: – “8080:8080” volumes: – “/:/rootfs:ro” – “/var/run:/var/run:rw” – “/sys:/sys:ro” – “/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:ro” base: build: ./base container_name: lemp_base volumes: – /home/core/server-lemp/www/:/var/www/:rw phpmyadmin: build: ./phpmyadmin container_name: lemp_phpmyadmin links: – base volumes: – /var/www/phpmyadmin – ./phpmyadmin/var/www/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php:/var/www/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php:rw mariadb: build: ./mariadb container_name: lemp_mariadb […]

Docker running out of memory when loading large sql dump

I am trying to load a large sql dump to a docker postgres container and it is running out of memory. I have set log driver to none and still running out of memory the file is 3gb large docker run -it –volume=/backend/dumps:/dumps –log-driver=none –link=postgis:postgres –rm postgres sh -c ‘exec cat /dumps/databases/PostgreSQL.sql | psql -h […]

Docker compose error: compose.cli.main.main: Container command could not be invoked

I am trying to run haproxy in a docker container. To build and run the haproxy from the image, docker-compose reads my .yaml file below. proxy: build: ./ env_file: .env ports: – “8000:80” – “9000:9000” After executing a docker-compose build, the image is created but while trying to spawn a container using the following, I […]

Golang continous workflow with docker

What is the best and simple way to do continuous development with docker and golang . What i am concern about is compiling and running and building docker images again when i change some code in golang . I am using docker container inside docker machine without swarm and building containers with docker compose . […]

Updating a Symfony app with Docker-compose without losing data

I have a multi-container Symfony application that uses docker-compose to handle the relationships between the containers. To simplify a little, i have 4 main services : code: image: mycode web: image: mynginx volumes-from: – code ports: – “80:80″ links: – php-fpm php-fpm: image: myphpfpm volumes-from: – code links: – mongo mongo: image: mongo The “mycode” […]

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