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Docker-compose running container

I am trying to launch a zookeeper instance and a process which connects to the zookeeper instance using docker-compose (contents in docker-compose.yml file) . As soon as docker fetches the repositories for both the entities and launches the zookeeper instance, it fails to connect the process to the zookeeper instance and gracefully stops the entire […]

How long should I wait when I run `docker-compose up`? What should I do to retry?

I am running docker-compose up for open-ocr This is my screen for past 15 mins And in text form: e4b5185880dc: Pull complete bb3a20c79671: Pull complete d180bfcd2661: Pull complete 92bd0cb7f0db: Pull complete 27ca5c22f162: Pull complete 347fcf793eea: Pull complete Digest: sha256:94dfd2b14c7be479f7db16a9d94374f1510004d3911bb7465a0466b5908ac327 Status: Downloaded newer image for tleyden5iwx/open-ocr:latest Creating dockercompose_openocr_1 Pulling strokewidthtransform (tleyden5iwx/open-ocr-preprocessor:latest)… ERROR: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/tleyden5iwx/open-ocr-preprocessor/manifests/latest: Get https://auth.docker.io/token?scope=repository%3Atleyden5iwx%2Fopen-ocr-preprocessor%3Apull&service=registry.docker.io: […]

Docker Machine Virtual Box Driver Issue

I tried Docker machine for creating bare docker based VM using virtual BOX driver,When I tried changing the network from NAT to Bridge machine start showing error and no IP is assigned to the machine by the docker-machine.In addition to that, when I tried taking SSH of the machine it hangs my terminal. Is it […]

docker-compose tries to access registry v1 on first “up”

I have a docker-compose file that looks like this: version: ‘2’ services: registry: restart: always image: registry:2 ports: – 5000:5000 environment: REGISTRY_STORAGE: “s3” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_ACCESSKEY: “yada” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_SECRETKEY: “yada” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_REGION: “us-east-1” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_BUCKET: “docker-registry” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_ENCRYPT: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_SECURE: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_V4AUTH: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_CHUNKSIZE: “5242880” volumes: – ./data:/data prototype: restart: always image: localhost:5000/prototype ports: – 8081:8081 volumes: – /opt/config:/config depends_on: – […]

Running SonarQube with Docker in CI/CD pipeline

I’m trying to get SonarQube stood up and scanning applications via Docker containers on an EC2 instance. I’ve spent the past day poring over SonarQube and Postgres documentation and am having very little luck. The most sensible guide I’ve found is the docker–sonarqube project maintained by SonarSource. More specifically, I am following the SonarQube/Postgres guide […]

Docker compose yml inheritance

There are two tasks: run app container, run almost the same deploy-app container. The differences for them, for example, that deploy container does not have port sharing. So, I made configs for this tasks… ./dockerfiles/base.yml: app: net: docker_internal_net environment: APPLICATION_SERVER: “docker” ./dockerfiles/base.run.yml: app: container_name: project-app # set the build context to the project root build: […]

How can I setup a instance EC2 with docker and access it with the IP?

I’ve setup a docker-compose project in a Instance but I don’t know how to access from my IP or public dns (ec2-xx-xx-xxx-xx.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com), this is part of my docker-compose file web: build: . volumes: – .:/web # This name have to be the same like the WORKDIR in your Dockerfile ports: – “8080:8080” links: – redis […]

Why does Docker ADD command not copy this file?

In the file below, the file apprequirements.txt is ADDed to the container. I know because pip install works. However, the myworker.py file is not copied/added. Why? FROM python:2.7 ENV PYTHONUNBUFFERED 1 RUN mkdir /code WORKDIR /code ADD ./frontend/apprequirements.txt /code RUN pip install -r apprequirements.txt ADD ./backend/myworker.py /code I run this with docker-compose, you can see […]

Docker Compose – one specific container randomly doesn't start properly

I have a docker environment with 5 containers that are composed via docker compose. Now only on mac machines and only sometimes (seems completely random) 1 of these 5 container doesn’t start. The weird thing about it is, that docker ps says the container is running and I can connect to it. Inside the container […]

docker-compose for mediawiki with data only containers

Old question below… My docker system is not working. this simple file is not accepted by docker-compose: mediawiki: image: nickstenning/mediawiki Result of command: $ docker-compose up Creating network “mediawikidocker_default” with the default driver ERROR: 404 page not found Creating the docker normally works: $ docker run -d nickstenning/mediawiki 9cdaed069c542ca8f20a3f3c1c02fb825827b5d66d78a03cffc24e802ff2e6c9 Strace of the problem… sendto(4, “POST […]

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