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Creating Docker container for mapped drive

I am trying to setup Docker for my application. My application is in a mapped drive, not a local drive When I run docker-compose up, I get the error message ERROR: for client Cannot create container for service client: H: drive is not shared. Please share it in Docker for Windows Settings Is it possible […]

docker-compose access service from external machine

I’m using docker-compose to bind 4 containers (backend, frontent, mysql and one additional service called video-cutter). Here is my docker-compose.yml file: version: “3” services: database: build: context: . dockerfile: Dockerfile.db volumes: – ../mysql:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root ports: – 2323:3306 networks: main: aliases: – database backend: build: context: backend dockerfile: Dockerfile.backend restart: always ports: […]

Can't access django media from container volume

I am attempting to create a mounted volume within a docker swarm and access it from a webapp (Django). I create the volume, go into a container and it is there. However, my Django app is is getting a 404 when attempting to access any image. The directory and branch I’m using is identical to […]

Ubuntu + Vagrant + docker compose without using Virtualbox

Hy, I have been using Vagrant + Docker on Windows PC for a while, with Virtualbox. Since few weeks I have turned my mind toward Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and started to migrate my Vagrant stuff on my new hardware. Some of Vagrants were using docker-compose on my old PC. Now, on Ubuntu, I want to […]

Django celery in docker looking for already deleted tasks

I have set up my celery app for django and have been using docker for running it. I once run the code with following CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE # define scheduled tasks here CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE = { ‘test-scheduler’: { ‘task’: ‘users.tasks.test_print’, ‘schedule’: 10, # in seconds, or timedelta(seconds=10) }, } And, it works fine. Later on, I changed the […]

Golang docker library image cannot find go tool in $PATH

I opened an issue on docker-library/golang#164, because I think this is a bug. However, I thought I’d also ask on StackOverflow to see if anyone else (besides project contributors) have encountered this or have any ideas? First things first, the version numbers: $ docker version Client: Version: 17.03.1-ce API version: 1.27 Go version: go1.7.5 Git […]

Dockerizing Nodejs APP (graceful restart, ssl)

I am trying to dockerize a NodeJS application. I have followed this tutorial https://nodejs.org/en/docs/guides/nodejs-docker-webapp/ It is really easy and works. But I need extend functionality a little bit. My infrastructure won’t contain only the nodejs container, it will have much more containers that are linked together with the help of docker-compose file. What I need […]

How insert an existing EC2 instance as container host in docker-machine?

Using docker-machine in Windows 10 OS, I would like to insert an existing EC2 instance as containers host, and use this for host containers and networks created by docker-composer, but I did not find any tutorial or a full explaination about it, Therefore I have the following questions. Is it necessary install docker and run […]

How can I restart container using healthcheck in docker-compose?

How can I restart docker container of server when curl failed to call API? I prepared such docker-compose.yml file. server: build: server command: – run healthcheck: test: [“CMD-SHELL”, “curl -f http://localhost/ && echo ‘cool, it works'”] interval: 5s timeout: 5s retries: 3 Thanks!!!!!

Docker-Compose v3 & NGINX network issue

So, I’ve been trying to dockerize Atlassian services (Bitbucket, Jira & Confluence) and it works great on my computer but as soon as I put it on my VPS (from OVH) it does not work. Here is my Docker-compose file: #DOCKER-COMPOSE version: “3.0” volumes: database-data: bitbucket-data: jira-data: confluence-data: services: nginx: image: nginx:1.12 container_name: nginx ports: […]

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