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Building from one image and adding dependency to another

Setting I am building a machine learning project using Docker and I would like to use anaconda as my base. However this project also requires bamos/openface, and I would like to link to my project using docker-compose. Problem I do not know how to link the openface dependency. Right now I am actually building FROM […]

Is Docker a replacement for git source control? [closed]

Is Docker in anyway intended to replace git, SVN or other similar source control platforms? If not how do the two integrate?

Remote `docker-compose build`: workaround slow connections

I’m using docker-compose to deploy into a remote host. This is what my config looks like: # stacks/web.yml version: ‘2’ services: postgres: image: postgres:9.6 restart: always volumes: – db:/var/lib/postgresql/data redis: image: redis:3.2.3 restart: always web_server: depends_on: [postgres] build: ../sources/myapp links: [postgres] restart: always volumes: – nginx_socks:/tmp/socks – static_assets:/source/public sidekiq: depends_on: [postgres, redis] build: ../sources/myapp links: […]

How can I Enable Unaccent for postgres in Docker-Compose?

I need to enable the accents for postgreSQL. This is my docker-compose.yml, but it doesn’t work. Any tips? Thank you. db: image: postgres ports: – 5432 environment: DB_UNACCENT: true mailcatcher: image: aboutsource/mailcatcher ports: – “1080:1080” web: build: . command: passenger start –port 3000 volumes: – .:/myapp environment: – RAILS_ENV=development ports: – “3000:3000” – “25:25” – […]

Installing osixia/docker-openldap using docker-compose

I do know why this won’t work with docker-compose, even after I use osixia/openldap:1.0.2. here is my docker-compose.yml : … openldap: image: osixia/openldap:1.0.2 ports: – “389:389″ environment: – LDAP_ORGANISATION=myorg – LDAP_DOMAIN=myorg.com.au – LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password the problem is it keep stuck/stop at “Pulling repository docker.io/osixia/openldap” for about 1 hour, here is the detail : Pulling openldap (osixia/openldap:1.0.2)… […]

Configure 3 Mesos instance with 1 master using docker and docker-compose

By reading this article : how-to-configure-a-production-ready-mesosphere-cluster-on-ubuntu-14-04, I wanted to start my own docker mesosphere using 3 server. The setup is similar than the article, expect I use 4 dockerized server : Docker Zookeeper Docker Mesos Master Docker Mesos Slave Docker Marathon I got really confused by the configuration files location, because they install the 4 […]

Debian : Using a cron task on Docker

I am using docker with docker compose on my server (debian 7.5). I have 1 mysql container and one postgresql container for 2 applications. When i want to create a backup of my database (for example for the database “mydb” from my mysql container) I do like this : docker exec -it <my_container_id> mysqldump –opt […]

Docker performance on ubuntu host 2x+ worse than OSX host

Ok, let’s start over after a bunch of investigation. Here is what we know: Ubuntu host 15.04 on i7 3820 (quad 3.6) and Samsung 850 pro SSD 512gb SATA 6 $ docker info Containers: 2 Images: 101 Storage Driver: overlay Backing Filesystem: extfs Execution Driver: native-0.2 Logging Driver: json-file Kernel Version: 3.19.0-28-generic Operating System: Ubuntu […]

Docker-compose ps not showing any output

I am trying to run docker-compose ps and docker-compose logs and neither are showing any output. I was able to run docker-compose up and verified the correct containers are started with docker ps. However docker-compose logs and ps dont show anything > sudo docker-compose -f /opt/docker-compose/server1-compose.yml ps Name Command State Ports —————————— > sudo docker-compose […]

Linode/lamp + docker-compose

I want to install linode/lamp container to work on some wordpress project locally without messing up my machine with all the lamp dependencies. I followed this tutorial which worked great (it’s actually super simple). Now I’d like to use docker-compose because I find it more convenient to simply having to type docker-compose up and being […]

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