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Running multiple projects using docker which each runs with docker-compose

We are using microservices approach to build our product. We are using some projects which each uses docker-compose to run. The problem is that in development environment, if we want to change codes in multiple projects and test developed codes, we must run projects separately and link them together manually. Now we want to create […]

How to run docker-compose on remote host?

I have compose file locally. How to run bundle of containers on remote host like docker-compose up -d with DOCKER_HOST=<some ip>?

docker-compose creating multiple instances for the same image

I need to start multiple containers for the same image. If i create my compose file as shown below, it works fine. version: ‘2’ services: app01: image: app app02: image: app app03: image: app app04: image: app app05: image: app Is there any easy way for me to mention the number of instances for the […]

Monitoring file changes in Docker volumes

I have a docker container that is running a python script: waiting for input requests and processing data accordingly. Since I am using docker for development, I would like that, whenever I change the source code of that python file (in my machine, not the container), the container would stop the python script and relaunch […]

Docker Machine on Mac: Cannot see mounted Volumes on docker host/docker-machine? Where are volumes physically stored?

Am on a Macbook Pro laptop and running docker-machine (0.5.0) and docker-compose (1.5.0) to get my containers going. This means I’m using docker-machine to create my virtualbox boot2docker driven HOST machines, which will run my docker daemon and host all my containers. I think I’m missing something critical with the concept of HOSTS and VOLUME, […]

Docker – container started by docker-compose changing file ownership to root

I am starting six or seven containers via a docker-compose file. One container is causing a major problem! Here is the relevant section: services: … main-app: image: mycompany/sys:1.2.3 container_name: “main-app-container” ports: – “8080:8080” – “8009” volumes: – db_data:/var/lib/home/data:rw – /opt/mycompany/sys/config:/opt/mycompany/sys/config:rw networks: – systeminternal hostname: “mylocalhost.company.com” volumes: db_data: driver: local networks: systeminternal: When the main-app-container is […]

Deploy docker on AWS beanstalk with docker composer

I’m trying to deploy multiple node.js micro services on AWS beanstalk, and I want them to be deployed on the same instance. It’s my first time to deploy multiple services, so there’re some failures I need someone to help me out. So, I tried to package them in a docker container first. Meanwhile I’m using […]

Inject host's SSH keys into Docker Machine with Docker Compose

I am using Docker on Mac OS X with Docker Machine (with the default boot2docker machine), and I use docker-compose to setup my development environment. Let’s say that one of the containers is called “stack“. Now what I want to do is call: docker-composer run stack ssh user@stackoverflow.com My public key (which has been added […]

Using docker-compose to create tables in postgresql database

I am using docker-compose to deploy a multicontainer python Flask web application. I’m having difficulty understanding how to create tables in the postgresql database during the build so I don’t have to add them manually with psql. My docker-compose.yml file is: web: restart: always build: ./web expose: – “8000” links: – postgres:postgres volumes: – /usr/src/flask-app/static […]

docker-compose pull results in x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I’m hitting the following error when trying to pull the elastcisearch images from dockerhub. docker-compose pull Pulling elasticsearch (elasticsearch:2.2.0)… Pulling repository docker.io/library/elasticsearch ERROR: Error while pulling image: Get https://index.docker.io/v1/repositories/library/elasticsearch/images: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority Failed to run with docker-compose My company has an Intermediate Root CA that I suspect is causing the problem. Any […]

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