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docker-compose access service from external machine

I’m using docker-compose to bind 4 containers (backend, frontent, mysql and one additional service called video-cutter). Here is my docker-compose.yml file: version: “3” services: database: build: context: . dockerfile: Dockerfile.db volumes: – ../mysql:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root ports: – 2323:3306 networks: main: aliases: – database backend: build: context: backend dockerfile: Dockerfile.backend restart: always ports: […]

Can't access django media from container volume

I am attempting to create a mounted volume within a docker swarm and access it from a webapp (Django). I create the volume, go into a container and it is there. However, my Django app is is getting a 404 when attempting to access any image. The directory and branch I’m using is identical to […]

Ubuntu + Vagrant + docker compose without using Virtualbox

Hy, I have been using Vagrant + Docker on Windows PC for a while, with Virtualbox. Since few weeks I have turned my mind toward Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and started to migrate my Vagrant stuff on my new hardware. Some of Vagrants were using docker-compose on my old PC. Now, on Ubuntu, I want to […]

Django celery in docker looking for already deleted tasks

I have set up my celery app for django and have been using docker for running it. I once run the code with following CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE # define scheduled tasks here CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE = { ‘test-scheduler’: { ‘task’: ‘users.tasks.test_print’, ‘schedule’: 10, # in seconds, or timedelta(seconds=10) }, } And, it works fine. Later on, I changed the […]

Golang docker library image cannot find go tool in $PATH

I opened an issue on docker-library/golang#164, because I think this is a bug. However, I thought I’d also ask on StackOverflow to see if anyone else (besides project contributors) have encountered this or have any ideas? First things first, the version numbers: $ docker version Client: Version: 17.03.1-ce API version: 1.27 Go version: go1.7.5 Git […]

Dockerizing Nodejs APP (graceful restart, ssl)

I am trying to dockerize a NodeJS application. I have followed this tutorial https://nodejs.org/en/docs/guides/nodejs-docker-webapp/ It is really easy and works. But I need extend functionality a little bit. My infrastructure won’t contain only the nodejs container, it will have much more containers that are linked together with the help of docker-compose file. What I need […]

How insert an existing EC2 instance as container host in docker-machine?

Using docker-machine in Windows 10 OS, I would like to insert an existing EC2 instance as containers host, and use this for host containers and networks created by docker-composer, but I did not find any tutorial or a full explaination about it, Therefore I have the following questions. Is it necessary install docker and run […]

How can I restart container using healthcheck in docker-compose?

How can I restart docker container of server when curl failed to call API? I prepared such docker-compose.yml file. server: build: server command: – run healthcheck: test: [“CMD-SHELL”, “curl -f http://localhost/ && echo ‘cool, it works'”] interval: 5s timeout: 5s retries: 3 Thanks!!!!!

Docker-Compose v3 & NGINX network issue

So, I’ve been trying to dockerize Atlassian services (Bitbucket, Jira & Confluence) and it works great on my computer but as soon as I put it on my VPS (from OVH) it does not work. Here is my Docker-compose file: #DOCKER-COMPOSE version: “3.0” volumes: database-data: bitbucket-data: jira-data: confluence-data: services: nginx: image: nginx:1.12 container_name: nginx ports: […]

Running docker containers behind loadbalancer, ports not forwarded as expected

I am trying to run a server from CA in docker compose and I want to be able to cluster it. From the CA side this only means that the db is shared between multiple instances of the CA server. The server expose 9443,8443, 8080. The load balancer does not seem to forward these correctly […]

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