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docker compose more than 1 container on same folder

I need to create somes containers : 1 data container. 2 applicatives containers. They must have access to the same folder (in data container). My problem is : When I create the 2 applicatives containers 2 results : All container have an instance of this container (so no sharing) One of the 2 container take […]

PHP date.timezone not found with Docker & PHP-FPM

I’m creating a Symfony environment (PHP-FPM, Nginx, & more) with Docker & Docker-compose. But, PHP does not use my php.ini and ignores the config (date.timezone parameter is not found in my Symfony application). Of course, when I go on my container, the date.timezone is correctly set in the 2 php.ini (cli & FPM). I don’t […]

I dont how to properly run this Docker Image

guys I followed the official tutorial about docker-compose and rails Official Tutorial – Rails , Docker-Compose And I successfully run rails project by docker-compose up , But , just after finishing it , I pushed my image onto Docker hub ,because I want to run on other server by pulling this image from Docker hub […]

Docker container data lost on host restart

I have docker container with redis server running on ubuntu server that keep track of a counter that is incremented by a node js app also running in a container. It works well when i launch my ubuntu host all the containers redis + nodeapp are automatically started. Visiting an url, I am able to […]

marking origin of logs in logstash

I send logs from my Docker containers to Logstash via netcat to tcp port. Their format is mostly similar, so pattern-matching is not very well suitable. Is there a way to send those logs with a tag, being a name of docker container they originate from?

where does docker attach volume on host machine when its not specified?

when you specify docker volume like this: volumes: – /var/lib/mysql where does it store on host? I’m using docker on mac, and things are way more complicated than on linux In docs it just says: https://docs.docker.com/compose/compose-file/ volumes: # Just specify a path and let the Engine create a volume – /var/lib/mysql which is in no […]

Docker-Compose POSTGRES script only creates db not table

I am trying to create a postgres database that is seeable from another container by using docker-compose. I can link the containers, and I verified that they can see each other. What my problem seems to be is that my postgres container is not being provisioned correctly. I have a script called create_db.sql and I […]

Best way to distribute a docker container to people with varying technical backgrounds [closed]

I’m building an application that people will run on their own server, similar to moodleor wordpress. I’m assuming the people running the application will be familiar with executing commands on the command line, but I can’t assume they are familiar with Docker. What I’m thinking of doing, is giving them instructions on how to install […]

Is there a docker compose service naming convention?

I have an question about the service names in docker-compose.yml files. Is there any convention for the naming? I have following example (docker-compose.yml): This example does not work when I run docker-compose. The log files tell me, that my node app could not find the express module: nodejs: build: ./docker_node_js volumes: – “./docker_node_js/app:/src/app” ports: – […]

Running multiple dependent apps each with their own docker compose file

I have two apps that I would like to somehow combine with docker and docker compose. The apps are: API This I have been able to get running on docker. Consists of the following containers: Web (rails app), postgres, and redis. Scraping app This app scrapes other websites, makes sure the data is consistent, and […]

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