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Docker run script in host on docker-compose up

thank you for watching this question. So my question relates to best practices on how to run a script on a docker-compose up directive. Currently i’m sharing a volume between host and container to allow for the script changes to be visible to both host and container. Similar to a watching script polling for changes […]

Docker installation on 16.04 LTS

How to install docker on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Couldn't connect to Docker daemon on ubuntu

I am using docker-compose-version 1.7.0, Not using docker machine: $ docker-machine ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM DOCKER ERRORS it all worked perfectly for weeks… Now when i try running docker-compose up i get this error: Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon-you might need to run docker-machine start default. I cant figure out what happened, […]

Unable to run rails console using Docker Compose

Im quite new to Docker and have started using Docker Compose to run my rails 4 application in development on my OS X 10.10 machine. The rails app works fine but if i try to run the rails console using the command below: docker-compose run web bundle exec rails console or docker-compose run web rails […]

How to add native docker-compose to official Jenkins image

I am using official Jenkins image: https://hub.docker.com/_/jenkins/ I wonder which is the best approach to add native docker-compose to it. For a full continuous integration system I need Jenkins to start Gradle+docker+docker-compose applications but, unlike with Docker plugins, docker-image plugins for Gradle act just as docker-compose frontend, needing it to be native installed. I will […]

How to launch a docker bundle with specified exposed ports?

If you are not familiar with docker bundles please read this. So I have tried to create a simple docker bundle from the following docker-compose.yml version: “2” services: web: image: cohenaj194/apache-simple ports: – 32701:80 nginx: image: nginx ports: – 32700:80 But the ports of the docker services this bundle created were not exposed and I […]

RUnit does not stop docker-compose's containers

I would like to have a RUnit service to supervise a set of containers launched by docker-compose tool, here’s my the runit script: In /etc/sv/app/run #!/bin/bash exec 2>&1 APP_HOME=/home/myapp source $APP_HOME/env.sh exec docker-compose -f $APP_HOME/docker-compose.yml up Here’s what I have then: sv start app – launches the docker-compose thing just fine sv stop app – […]

Graylog 2.2.0-beta.1 in Docker with UDP input: Unable to load default stream

I’m trying to use graylog2 to collect logs from docker containers. Docs says that only UDP GELF input is supported for this purpose. I’m using docker-compose to run the graylog server. See gist for all files used: https://gist.github.com/olegabr/7f5190c453bb63c71dabf151d2373c2f. And I’m using this command to test it: sendip -p ipv4 -is -p udp -us 5070 […]

Consul docker – advertise flag ignored

Hi i have configured a cluster with two nodes (two vm into virtualbox), cluster start correctly but advertise flag seems to be ignored by consul vm1 (app) ip vm2 (web) ip docker-compose vm1 (app) version: ‘2’ services: appconsul: build: consul/ ports: – – – – – – […]

“The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn't contain 'RSA'. Start the agent, add your keys?” in Docker

I am following this article and have included my AWS credentials. I installed several CLI things required, and now get: $ ./trainer start 5 Greetings, cchilders/cchilders! The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn’t contain ‘RSA’. Start the agent, add your keys? I have already did eval $(ssh-agent) which doesn’t help.

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