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distributed wide and deep with tf.contrib.learn api example stuck on k8s

I am new to distributed tensorflow. I tried to run distributed wide-and-deep example on one node k8s cluster, but the worker tasks all stuck at INFO:tensorflow:Create CheckpointSaverHook. Test in localhost and in docker are all OK. Here is my code. https://github.com/zhoudongyan/wide-and-deep docker version: 17.03.1-ce k8s version: v1.6.3 tensorflow version: 1.1.0, python3 os: ubuntu 14.04 64bit […]

How to setup group of docker containers with the same addresses?

I am going to install distributed software inside docker containers. It can be something like: container1: – management node container2: – database node container3: – UI node I know how to manage containers as a group and how to link them between each other, however the problem is that ip information is […]

Docker Swarm discovery is still relevant?

i’m learning about docker swarm, and got confused about the swarm discovery option, i see that lots of tutorials on internet use this option to create containers with docker-machine, but when i enter the documentation on docker swarm doc it says: You are viewing docs for legacy standalone Swarm. These topics describe standalone Docker Swarm. […]

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