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Access container from outside (without port mapping)

I’m using Docker 1.13.1 on my Centos 7.3 virtual machine and run a container based on Centos 6 on it. My problem is that I want to acccess my container from outside of the virtual machine but without port mapping! Is there a way to access my container via IP or hostname? Maybe I could […]

Use Docker.io without the build-in NAT function but with DHCP

I am unable to use the NAT networking of docker in my setup. Instead i wan’t to use DHCP configured IPs or allow docker to dynamically choose an IP from a preconfigured range. Is this possible? I think NAT is a very bad idea und should not be used in production.

Docker container DHCP like bridged VirtualBox

In our company we recently dockerized our product especially for development. The product is CentOS based solution. We also use VirtualBox to run CentOS and Windows part of it. These parts have to communicate with each other over the network. Company network uses DHCP and for VBox I used to have 3 IPs (my dev […]

How to configure a Docker container for acquiring DHCP IP/s from dhcp server running on ESX

My host is SLES12 VM running on an ESX server. VM Host has interfaces which acquire DHCP IPs from the DHCP server running on ESX. In my docker container (docker image: opensuse) I am running a NFS server and hence need external access. I want the container to acquire dhcp IP from the dhcp server […]

Can't Docker host more than one webserver?

Reading this I get the impression that a Docker container can not get a dhcp address or get a dns name. Question Does that mean that I can’t host two or more webservers which both needs to listen to port 80? Or even one webserver with a domain name?

Assigning IP address to docker containers?

I’m new to Docker. Is it possible to assign an IP address (from a DHCP server) to Docker containers running on a host or VM? If yes, can someone point me in the correct direction. If no, is it a fundamental limitation of the container approach or it’s just a feature that’s not in Docker […]

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