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How to copy external project, get data (files) of it's test branch, execute it's pom.xml, execute it's .war or .jar with Dockerfile

How to write Dockerfile with this set of instructions: Run git clone/or copy with curl (what is better?) of some project – must be always executed (not catched after first run on docker) Get data from from example test branch – must be always executed (not catched after first run on docker) Execute pom.xml of […]

Implementing MongoDB in AWS EC2 Container Service

I need to implement MongoDB in Amazon’s AWS EC2 Container Service and I have no clue how to start with it, there’s little or none documentation about it and I was wondering if anyone of you has already faced the same problem and maybe we can share some solutions. Thanks in advance 🙂

Can I transport just the image changes/layers i'm concerned with?

Say I use a Dockerfile to build an image from ubuntu:14.04, then install some things, add some code, then push to a repo where the image will be deployed for testing and eventually production. My image works out to be > 2gbs. Most of that is the underlying and unchanging ubuntu:14.04 image layer. Instead of […]

Docker nginx, which nginx setup is most efficient?

Which of these 2 setups are most efficient (in terms of CPU and RAM usage), could serve more requests per second (rps) and why for web app or api: Nginx as a single docker container several nginx docker containers with load balancer all on same host The biggest unknown for me is if the 2nd […]

Simple PHP-CLI Cron Supervisor Docker not working

I have the following dockerfile FROM phusion/baseimage:0.9.19 ARG TZ=UTC ENV TZ ${TZ} RUN ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TZ /etc/localtime && echo $TZ > /etc/timezone RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y –no-install-recommends \ php7.0-cli \ php7.0-common \ php7.0-curl \ php7.0-json \ php7.0-xml \ php7.0-mbstring \ php7.0-mcrypt \ php7.0-mysql \ php7.0-zip \ php7.0-gd \ pkg-config \ php-dev \ […]

docker info command doesn't show anything in ec2 Instance

I have installed docker using sudo yum install -y docker and started the docker service by running the following commands. Initially, it worked and I was able to run docker containers. Now the docker daemon is working but wen I run docker commands like docker ps, docker info..etc. It’s not showing anything on stdout. I […]

How to setup a quick deployment process?

Our deploy process consists of compiling and releasing software for each of our customers. Currently our release process is using grunt to compile and release the software. However this runs in sequence so in the case of hotfixes, it can take over an hour to build and release a fix. What would be a good […]

Docker ports work in localhost but not with public ip

I`m starting with docker i have the next docker-compose when i run docker-compose up all with success, when i do curl localhost works fine but when i try to access from the public ip dont works the connection timeout. version: ‘3’ services: db: environment: – POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mipass – POSTGRES_USER=miuser – POSTGRES_DB=pdfdd image: postgres:9.6 web: restart: always […]

How to access docker daemon through the hyperkit that is launched manually?

I launch hyperkit with the following command ./com.docker.hyperkit -m 8G -c 4 -u -s 31,lpc \ -s 0:0,hostbridge \ -s 2:0,virtio-vpnkit,path=/tmp/ethernet \ -s 3:0,virtio-net \ -s 4,virtio-9p,path=./s40,tag=db \ -s 5,virtio-9p,path=./s51,tag=port \ -s 6,virtio-rnd \ -s 7,virtio-sock,guest_cid=3,path=/Users/os/myapp/,guest_forwards=2375 \ -l com1,autopty=tty -A \ -f kexec,vmlinuz64,initrd.img,earlyprintk=serial console=ttyS0 But I can’t access docker daemon (nor socket nor tcp).

Continuous delivery for Docker deployment with image already built

I would like to have the following CD flow: push to master -> build new Docker image -> push image to Docker repo -> deploy (pull & run ) new image on server For building image I use cloud CI like circleci which handles everything expect deploy part. I know I can configure cloud CI […]

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