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Amazon Beanstalk – nginx configuration

I have recently deployed a Beanstalk application on EC2. This application is deployed using Docker. I have discovered that every Beanstalk EC2 machine comes with a nginx that acts as a proxy(I don’t really understand why, not documented anywhere). Now the problem is that I do not know which nginx should have its configuration optimized […]

For multiple projects using Docker, use Multiple VMs or Single Host with multiple containters

Suppose I had three apps that are currently hosted at Digital Ocean or AWS. Each of them use at least one VM for the database and one or more VMs for the web app. Now let’s say that I wanted to get one dedicated server at OVH with 64GB of RAM and use docker to […]

How to deploy a Nodejs application in a docker container

From what I can tell, there are two main ways to deploy Nodejs containers in such a way that they can be updated with new code releases: In the Nodejs Dockerfile, have an ADD line which copies the new local release into the image. When you have new release, you need to generate a new […]

How to deploy jar/war to nexus in the docker build?

I currently following this methods for my maven java project in jenkins created a compose file with maven image, and given a entry point command “mvn clean install” Created a Dockerfile, From tomcat image. that will copy my war to ../webapps folder Once the docker compose up is exited with the code 0, I am […]

How to add Zend Guard Loader support in docker php official image instance?

I want to add Zend Guard Loader support on my php instance. http://www.zend.com/en/products/loader/downloads#Linux Normally, I will download the package, and then add the following settings into php.ini [Zend Guard Loader] zend_extension=”/usr/local/webserver/php/ext/ZendGuardLoader.so” zend_loader.enable=1 zend_loader.disable_licensing=0 zend_loader.obfuscation_level_support=3 zend_loader.license_path=”/var/developer.zl” But, now I’m running the instance within docker. docker run –name php_instance php:5-fpm And I tried to get into the […]

managing multiple mesos marathon json configurations for deployment

So I am using Mantl.io for our environment. Things are going very well and we are now past the POC phase and starting to think about how we are going to handle continuous delivery. Obviously automation is key. Maybe my approach or thinking is wrong but I am trying to figure out a way to […]

NGINX Serve Static files for Django App

I have a django app that I am trying to deploy. At this stage I cannot seem to serve up my static files from my nginx container. My project is set up like here I have put my images into {% static “minimal/theme/assets/img/pic.jpg”%} directory. File structure of my web app is: . ├── Dockerfile ├── […]

What is the correct way to deploy EAR on Weblogic with Docker

Docker is convenient to run fat jars, with embedded server. Just add the jar, expose the ports and run it. But how docker fits with the traditional way of deploying EAR to weblogic server? Is docker still a viable tool for this kind of traditional packaging? Is there some well proven pattern, how to use […]

Deploying .NET Core 1.1 App to Docker – Could not resolve CoreCLR path

We are trying to deploy our .NET Core app to docker. Assume that our project base located on /source. When we run dotnet restore dotnet build and dotnet run in /source, everything is ok. However when we trigger dotnet publish -c Release -o publish, go inside publish folder and attempt dotnet OurAppName.dll (running the app […]

Deploying Elixir App to Google Cloud via Docker

I’m trying to get my docker image deployed to Google Cloud and I’m running into some problems. Everything works locally. I run docker run -it -p 4000:4000 myimage And everything works when I go to localhost:4000. However, when I try to deploy to Google Cloud with the command gcloud app deploy –version=1 app.yaml The deployment […]

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