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After docker-compose build the docker-compose up run old not updated containers

I use docker-compose and find following problem: When I change my code and want to rebuild dockers I use docker-compose stop docker-compose build And then I want to run system by: docker-compose up But no new version of code/containers are run but old ones. What to do?

How to reduce time required by docker image to install dependencies?

I have some node docker-containers which basically just look like: # core nodejs just installs node and git on archlinux FROM core/nodejs # clones directory into current working dir RUN git clone https://github.com/bodokaiser/nearby . # installs all dependencies RUN npm install # lets node execute the source code CMD [“node”, “index.js”] When I now rebuild […]

Can I push application updates to docker image without rebuilding?

Let’s say that I have docker image with web server, database server and web application in production. Can I push applications updates to the production container, without destroying the database server ??

Docker + Kubernetes build

I am trying to use Docker + Kubernetes for my application management. I have installed kubectl, kubeadm, kubelet (got the steps from google docs) for Kubernetes cluster. Now cluster is having 2 node(1 Master, 1 Child) I have a customize Dockerfile , how can it use it as a Kubernetes pods ? If this is […]

Dokku recognizes my Node.js app as Go app on deploy

I was create Procfile with the contents: web: node web.js My package.json: { “name”: “app-express”, “version”: “0.0.1”, “private”: true, “description”: “web panel”, “main”: “web.js”, “scripts”: { “start”: “node web.js” }, “dependencies”: { “async”: “^0.2.10”, … }, “engines”: { “node”: “0.10.x”, “npm”: “1.2.x” }, “keywords”: [ “node” ] } When I push my app, I see: […]

Deploy Django app with Docker

I’m attempting to deploy a Django app via docker, first locally, and then to a cloud server. I could not find an answer to my initial question before I attempt this: if I run docker-machine create, I’m guessing this should be run from within my virtualenv, right? This would then grab all of my specific […]

Docker workflow

I am developing a small social-media project using nodejs, postgresql and nginx on a backend. Locally, I worked with Docker as a replacement for a Vagrant, I have all entities split between separate containers and combined them via docker-compose. I do not have production experience with Docker. How should I pack result of docker-compose, and […]

bundling source code in docker containers

I have setup my app to run in a docker container and I’m pretty excited about it. In dev, I can build the container super fast as the source code and assets for the container are outside the container context – then I simply map the wwwroot directory into the container using the -v flag […]

How to specify cpu percent of host usage for container in fig

with docker —lxc-conf=”lxc.cgroup.cpuset.cpus = 0 we can specify cpu usage docker run -d –name web –lxc-conf=”lxc.cgroup.cpuset.cpus = xxx There is a way to do it in fig?

Run a shell script on dokku app deployment

I’ve been looking for a way to run a one time script that loads data into our database. Currently we’re using dokku-alt for our development environment and we have a python script that runs to update our schema, data and functions we need available for our application. The problem that I’m facing is trying to […]

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