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Automate Deployment of Docker

I have built my new Docker Image (with my latest code) using CircleCI. Now I want to deploy it to Digital Ocean. I want it to write deployment script. Docker are running on CoreOS Cluster. I am confused only on the missing link on how to inform my existing CoreOS cluster for the new image. […]

Deploy apps from release server

I don’t like when it comes to release my projects on production server.. May be i just don’t have enough experience, nobody taught me how to do this in a right way. For now i have several repos with scala (on top of spray). I have everything to build and run this projects on my […]

Docker deployment options

I’m wondering which options are there for docker container deployment in production. Given I have separate APP and DB server containers and data-only containers holding deployables and other holding database files. I just have one server for now, which I would like to “docker enable”, but what is the best way to deploy there(remotely will […]

Copy apps on docker jboss/wildfly images container

copy the war file into wildfly images without extract the war file FROM jboss/wildfly ADD your-awesome-app.war /opt/jboss/wildfly/standalone/deployments/ when i add my war file into the docker images the war file auto extract. then make the wildfly service fail to start what i gonna ask is how to add the war file without extract the war […]

What is the step by step process to deploy a java app to Docker?

I’ve engineering background mostly with coding/dev’t than deployment. We have introduced Microservices recently to our team and I am doing POC on deploying these Microservices to Docker. I made a simple application with maven, Java 8 (not OpenJdk) and jar file is ready to be deployed but I stuck with the exact steps on how […]

Kubernetes: managing application run environments

Like most applications we have three distinct running environments: Production Staging / QA Development These are all basically configured through ENV variables. How is it best to run all the services/pods/containers in our environments? Through labels? or namespaces?

Executing Docker commands with Gradle

I would like to run some docker commands such as docker login -u foo -p bar myregistry docker build –pull=true -t myregistry/myimage path/to/dockerfile docker push myregistry/myimage I have tried several plugins for it such as this one, but none of those was satisfying, or maybe I am missing something… My question is, what is the […]

Dockerized gitlab use host docker to CI

I’m currently learning about gitlab-ci, and deploying. My gitlab instance runs in a docker container, and I would like to use the host’s docker in order to build and deploy an image. Is there such a way to do this?

Cannot access server in docker container

I started a docker image using docker run –interactive –tty node_web_1 And the running server inside the container successfully prints Running on http://localhost:8080 in the console. I have exposed port 8080 in the Dockerfile. So in my understanding, when I call http://localhost:8080 in the browser in windows, I should access the server in the container, […]

Supporting docker based and non docker based deployments

Currently for my python project I have a deploy.sh file which runs some apt-get’s, pip installs, creates some dirs and copies some files…. so the process is git clone my private repo then run deploy.sh. Now I’m playing with docker, and the basic question is, should the dockerfile RUN a git clone and then RUN […]

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