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Docker and git deployment workflow confusion

I have been reading about docker, but im confused on how a nice workflow can be maintained for deploying an application hosted on github, to be deployed into a docker container on a cloud service. For example, a web application written for nodeJS, to be hosted on EC2. I develope the app on my local […]

Where to put folders for code in docker containers

I have currently 6 websites running in VPS and i want to convert them to docker. One thing which is confusing me is that how should i arrange the persistent storage folders on host. E,g These are the types of folders i want to have access from host Code folders which i can put in […]

Remote `docker-compose build`: workaround slow connections

I’m using docker-compose to deploy into a remote host. This is what my config looks like: # stacks/web.yml version: ‘2’ services: postgres: image: postgres:9.6 restart: always volumes: – db:/var/lib/postgresql/data redis: image: redis:3.2.3 restart: always web_server: depends_on: [postgres] build: ../sources/myapp links: [postgres] restart: always volumes: – nginx_socks:/tmp/socks – static_assets:/source/public sidekiq: depends_on: [postgres, redis] build: ../sources/myapp links: […]

Rails and Nginx on different Docker containers (how share data between containers)

I want to know if it’s possible (or even a good practice) to run a Rails app and Nginx on different Docker containers. My intention is to use one instance of Nginx to serve more than one application running in containers in the future. My question is because I will have to configure Nginx to […]

Mount Host Directory to Wildfly deployment directory

I am trying to find mount a host directory to the wildfly deployment directory in a Docker container. The idea being that I can easily develop the code, and build it, and the running container will pick up the changes. When I run the following command: sudo docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -p 9990:9990 my/switchyard-dev […]

Dokku zero downtime deploy CHECKS fails

Started to work with the Zero downtime deploy in Dokku and it fails to check the CHECKS file. CHECKS file content, /home/dokku/oktob/CHECKS WAIT=30 # Wait 1/2 minute TIMEOUT=60 # Timeout after a minute ATTEMPTS=10 # attempt checks 10 times /pages/about info@oktob.io /assets/twitter-f5f5e668ebe5e0324b1cc9f568d47e2d.jpg The App is running at, the first path is the about page […]

Managing Persistent Files (not database) with Docker

What’s the best strategy of managing persistent files (not database) such as config file, zip files, images, and so forth? I tried the following approach: Create folder /var/storage Mount this to my container as -v /var/storage:/path/to/container/storage/ However, this does not behave as expected (i.e. only the main folder storage is created, and none of the […]

Everything inside one docker container or specialized containers

I have been reading about Docker for a long time and tried few examples. While going through blogs, I didn’t find any unanimous answer as whether a product having multiple components like JEE deployables, database, webserver etc should be deployed, in one single container or on different containers. Can someone please provide detailed answer in […]

Running Docker Commands with a bash script inside a container

I’m trying to automate deployment with webhooks to the Docker hub based on this tutorial. One container runs the web app on port 80. On the same host I run another container that listens for post requests from the docker hub, triggering the host to update the webapp image. The post request triggers a bash […]

How can I update the CSS and links in marathon UI?

I used docker,Marathon and Mesos in my server infrastructure. I want to change few things in Marathon UI. Is it possible? If yes then from where I can find the installed codebase of Marathon UI.?

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