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Is it reasonable to containerize development environment with Docker?

In my job I needed to checkout and debug an old project, which turned out to be hell due the fact I had to build my development environment from a scratch to satisfy the desired dependencies for the desired workflow. Project configuration has been based on various eclipse plugins like m2e-wtp. Regardless of trying four […]

Error when running SparkApp from docker container against Spark running in another container

I have a problem that’s bothering me for a few days, and I’m pretty out of ideas. I built a Spark docker container where Spark runs in standalone mode. Both master and worker are started there. This is machine running in Azure. Now I tried to deploy my Spark Scala App in a separate container(same […]

Bundler fails in Docker mirror service with local gem paths

I’m using a docker-compose.yml file that looks like. version: ‘2’ services: myapp: tty: true image: ruby:2.4 ports: – 3000:3000 volumes: – .:/app env_file: – .env sidekiq: build: . command: bundle exec sidekiq And sidekiq works fine and builds from the same Dockerfile info that the myapp generates. But when I add some gem dependencies in […]

Does Docker install and run dependencies only when I'm using it?

I have to develop for different programming languages, frameworks and DBMSs; sometimes with different versions of themselves or their dependencies. And I don’t want to be with three or more services running all the time. So I searched, and I found out about Vagrant, and then about Docker. I found Docker more interesting to me […]

Does the Docker RPM require additional dependencies?

I couldn’t find an answer online, help would be appreciated. I have downloaded the Docker RPM for CentOS 7 from their site (http://docs.docker.com/v1.7/docker/installation/centos). After installing the RPM, does Docker require any additional dependencies in order to run? Or is the standalone RPM enough? I’m asking because it takes time to bring external files into my […]

How to reduce time required by docker image to install dependencies?

I have some node docker-containers which basically just look like: # core nodejs just installs node and git on archlinux FROM core/nodejs # clones directory into current working dir RUN git clone https://github.com/bodokaiser/nearby . # installs all dependencies RUN npm install # lets node execute the source code CMD [“node”, “index.js”] When I now rebuild […]

Optimising cargo build times in docker

I am currently developing an API with Rust, and am managing the environments, including the external database with Docker. The problem I currently have is that every time I make a change to the API code, cargo rebuilds, and since Docker doesn’t cache anything to do with the ADD statement to copy the rust directory […]

Why do we need run update before run install in Dockerfile?

When I try to specify Boost library for my app in Dockerfile, I have to do RUN apt-get update && apt-get install libboost-dev If I just add RUN apt-get install libboost-dev I got error: returned a non-zero code: 100 What is the theory behind this? Thanks.

Caching Jar dependencies for Maven-based Docker builds

I’m building a Docker image from this Dockerfile: FROM maven:3.3.3-jdk-8 MAINTAINER Mickael BARON ADD pom.xml /work/pom.xml WORKDIR /work RUN mvn dependency:go-offline –fail-never ADD [“src”, “/work/src”] RUN [“mvn”, “package”] With this Dockerfile, I force to download the dependencies before packaging my Java project. Thus, I don’t have to redownload the dependencies every time I changed a […]

How to deal with Docker container dependencies properly?

I have just started to learn about Docker and consider replacing my VM-based infrastructure by a Docker infrastrucutre. I am wondering about how to deal with dependencies between containers and how to decide when/if a restart of a dependent container is necessary and if so, how to minimize downtime. To get more precise, I discovered […]

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