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AOT Compiler to Shrink Docker Container

Is using an AOT compiler such as GCj or Excelsior Jet appropriate if we’re aiming to shrink the size of a Docker container? The largest part of the container is the JRE, and we’re looking for ways to trim this down. Our microservices are kb in size, it seems odd that we’re having to deploy […]

Docker: open container port to all other containers

I’d like to know how can I open container port to all other containers? I have three containers, and I want to open some ports to each other. I cannot use –link because it’s circular link. I have exposed ports and binded ports to host, but other containers cannot get access to it. I cannot […]

run r script using docker kaggle image

I am trying to reproduce results of an R script on my local Windows OS (reproduce the results which it gave on kaggle server). For this someone suggested to use docker images to run r script on my local. I have installed docker and finished the steps to set it up by following instructions given […]

I can not remove a directory in a docker container

i have a container generated from an image, and that image was generated by another container The container that the image was based there two directories, one of these directories i created with mkdir, the other directory was created through the git clone. But when I generate a new container from that image, I can […]

Can not access Nodejs app which deployed on container of Bluemix

I create an image from cf ic command line expose 4000 then install nodejs,npm via apt-get and deploy a nodejs app on the image listen on port 4000. And then I create a container with this image ,assign a public_ip to this container and run it. But I found that I can not access the […]

Invalid value while trying to create a kubernetes pod with secret in it

I’m trying to create a simple kubernetes pod and use a kubernetes secret in it,but unfortunately I encountered the following error after running “kubectl create -f pod.yml” : The Pod “hello-pod” is invalid. spec.containers[0].env[0].valueFrom: Invalid value: “”: may not have more than one field specified at a time Here is my secret.yml : apiVersion: v1 […]

Enter docker container from host using docker-machine

How can I connect to Php container from my Windows machine? I run docker toolbox https://www.docker.com/products/docker-toolbox on my Windows 10 machine. It’s create docker-machine (env default) using virtualbox on port tcp:// and from host machine (Windows) I can connect to it by ssh. Inside docker-machine I run containers with docker-compose. I run PhpStorm on Windows […]

modify a container in stopped state

I was modify the files inside the container. The container stopped working due to an error in file. Now I want to edit the file and start the container again. How this can be achieved please let me know. Thank you!

Docker not working on Windows Server 2016 Core with Containers Tech Preview 5

I created a VM in Microsoft Azure with “Windows Server 2016 Core with Containers Tech Preview 5”. When I run the command docker info it gives this error. C:\Windows\system32>docker info An error occurred trying to connect: Get http://%2F%2F.%2Fpipe%2Fdocker_engine/v1.24/info: open //./pipe/docker_engine: The system cannot find the file specified.

Get MAC address of other host on network from Docker container

I’d like to run a program in a container that get’s the MAC address from my other host on my local network. I’d like a program running in a container which is bound to a physical interface be treated as a local program, not one running on a remote host. I have a host that […]

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