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docker how can I get the list of dependent child images?

I’m trying to remove an image and I get: # docker rmi f50f9524513f Failed to remove image (f50f9524513f): Error response from daemon: conflict: unable to delete f50f9524513f (cannot be forced) – image has dependent child images This is the docker version: # docker version Client: Version: 1.10.3 API version: 1.22 Go version: go1.5.3 Git commit: […]

docker is not VM , why container need base image OS ? [closed]

It is said that docker is not a VM and containers directly run on the host. But why do containers need a base image OS ? If process in containers run on the base image OS , what’s the difference between a VM and docker(only the base image OS can be re-used and kept read-only?) […]

What are the differences between Kubernetes Pods and Docker Compose(s) (Composures?)

Both Kubernetes Pods and the results of Docker Compose scripts (henceforth: “Compositions”) appear to result in clusters of virtual computers. The computers in the clusters can all be configured to talk to each other so you can write a single script that mirrors your entire end-to-end production config. A single script allows you to deploy […]

How to SSH into Docker?

I’d like to create the following infrastructure flow: How can that be achieved using Docker?

Docker error cannot delete docker container, conflict: unable to remove repository reference

I want to remove the container at Docker, but an error occurs when you want to delete My next step before removing the container, see the list of existing container sts@Yudi:~/docker$ sudo docker ps -as CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES SIZE 78479ffeba5c ubuntu “/bin/bash” 42 hours ago Exited (0) 42 hours ago […]

Starting a Shell in the Docker Alpine Container

To start an interactive shell for the ubuntu image we can run: ole@T:~$ docker run -it –rm ubuntu root@1a6721e1fb64:/# ls bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var But when this is run for the Alpine Docker Image the following results: ole@T:~$ docker run […]

Docker list only stopped containers

Docker gives you a way of listing running containers or all containers including stopped ones. This can be done by docker ps \ docker ps -a Do we have a way of only listing container that have been stopped.

How to move docker containers between different hosts

I cannot find a way of moving docker running containers from one host to another. Is there any way I can push my containers to repos like we do it for images ? Currently I am not using data volumes to store the data associated with applications running inside containers. So some data resides inside […]

How to access tomcat running in docker container from browser?

I am running tomcat in my docker container from the Official Repo. docker pull tomcat And as per guidelines stated in the homepage I’ve run the instance and the Tomcat server is started docker run -it –rm -p 8888:8080 tomcat:8.0 And Tomcat server is available on the port 8888. I am able to get the […]

How to run a cron job inside a docker container?

I am trying to run a cronjob inside a docker container that invokes a shell script. Yesterday I have been searching all over the web and stack overflow, but I could not really find a solution that works. How can I do this? EDIT: I’ve created a (commented) github repository with a working docker cron […]

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