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Docker containers performance difference between OSX and Linux

I recently switched from OSX (el capitan) to Ubuntu (16.04) and I’m working on a Python project which makes use of docker containers for integration tests with different databases (I have containers for mysql, postgres and so on). What shocked me is that I noticed that my test suite runs about 4 times slower than […]

ping github.organization.com returns unknown host

When I try to ping github.com it responds back with replies. However, pinging github.organizationname.com returns “ping:unknown host github.organizationname.com. This is an organization account so not sure if anything related to ssh keys or firewall. Any suggestions??

How to run docker container from remote api?

I use this command for create new mysql container in docker. docker run -p 3306:3306 –name containerName -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw -d mysql:latest I use docker c# api (https://github.com/ahmetalpbalkan/Docker.DotNet) for connect and manage docker remote api. but i can’t figure out how to pass that terminal command to remote api.

Docker – Rstudio – R old version running together

I’m working with docker since approximately a week and I don’t understand some of the linking containers stuff. I’ve downloaded from rocker, the latest images of Rstudio. It work nicely, everything is ok. I have one own made container with an old R version (let’s say humm 3.1.0-1 for example). What I want to do […]

restricting the number of docker containers that can be created from an image

Can we restrict the number of docker containers created from an image ? For example, lets us take I have an image name called “myuser/XYZ”, the number of containers that can be instantiated should be 10. So system should not allow when the user tries to instantiate the 11th container based on that image.

run rscript on local in a docker image

I have pulled a kaggle/rstats image on my local windows machine. I want to run a local code script.r in the kaggle image. My code script.r is stored in “D:/codes/script.r.” I have installed docker and pulled kaggle/rstats image in “E:/docker.” Can somebody please help with how to run script.r in kaggle docker image. I have […]

Problems with Dockerbeats dashboard containerName field

I have dockerbeats set up on a local cluster that is running ELK stack and some other misc. dockers (all containers controlled via kubernetes). I set up the dashboard from Ingensi (Ingensi dockerbeat Dashboard) for kibana and ran into an issue with the containerNames field while setting up the graphs. Now, for context, my docker […]

MobileFirst Runtime “Disappearing” in Bluemix Container

I have successfully deployed the MobileFirst Platform to Bluemix a number of times. I am able to create the container group for the operations console (MFP Server), and then push an app to this server. From there, I am able to install and run the app on my physical devices (a few Apple devices and […]

how to benchmark containers ? a lot of request, monitor memory and cpu usage

for my bachelor thesis I have to test a handful of containers runtime. Like Docker, Lxc, runC, Rocket and OpenVZ. My test protocol is simple, I never did testing or benchmarking so I am sorry I am a newb :-). Can you tell me if my test is relevent ? So, it’s simple I will […]

Kubernetes can't start due to too many open files in system

I am trying create a bunch of pods, services and deployment using Kubernetes, but keep hitting the following errors when I run the kubectl describe command. for “POD” with RunContainerError: “runContainer: API error (500): Cannot start container bbdb58770a848733bf7130b1b230d809fcec3062b2b16748c5e4a8b12cc0533a: [8] System error: too many open files in system\n” I have already terminated all pods and try […]

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