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File not found in docker container

I’m doing something extremely simple. Here is my Dockerfile: FROM alpine:latest ADD hello.sh /bin/hello RUN chmod +x /bin/hello CMD /bin/hello Then I build the image: docker build -t hello . Then I run the image: docker run hello And here is the output: /bin/sh: /bin/hello: not found Why is this happening? If I run: docker […]

error response from daemon: no such container: dionaea

I am working on T-Pot 16.03 which is a bundle of honeypots working in dockerised format for research purposes. This is running on Ubunutu 14.04 .4 LTS. http://imgur.com/Esc7w9A As you can see, container dionaea has stopped working for no reason at all. I did not modify anything from the machine in the last three days […]

Creating first image on bluemix docker

I’m trying to create a simple ubuntu image on docker within Bluemix. I have the cli setup (at the latest version) but keep getting a login prompt when trying to push the image. My dockerfile is trivial: FROM docker.io/ubuntu:latest MAINTAINER My Name RUN echo “Imaged” > /tmp/image.txt I build it with sudo docker build -t […]

Cannot create docker images

I try to create a Docker image in the developerWorks organization for an article. Instead of proceeding, or asking me for a container namespace, I get this error: BXNUI0517E: The attempt to retrieve the container namespace of the org failed because of an internal error with incident ID 238-1457636351.976-5559997. Try again later. If this problem […]

deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes

can someone help with how to deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes? currently im running only one node/master at local machine with ubuntu server 14.04 LTS if im running with this sudo docker run –name esb isim/wso2esb it instantly trigger the service inside the container but if im running with this kubectl run esb1 […]

Connection from Java UI container to couchDB container refuses

I have a question regarding Java and couchDB. My setup: – a Java UI with an interface to the DB – a couchDB inside a container, exposed on localhost:5984. Well. I have realized a connection between both in my local Windows machine, which worked perfectly. Now I packed both in containers, but I have a […]

docker push to Bluemix problems

I am trying to push docker containers to Bluemix and am encountering problems. 1) Yesterday I was able to push 3 containers. However, all of them are still showing Vulnerability Assessment Incomplete. 2) Today, when I tried to push a new container, I am getting Internal server error: 503 trying to push tag Looking through […]

How to make docker service start on my system reboot automatically?

I have installed docker and have a running container. I know that when we give restart-always the docker container restarts. But how do we make the docker service restart automatically on system reboot ?

Docker containers can not start based on Dockerfile

My Dockerfile FROM javamachine_0.1.2 MAINTAINER Meiram RUN /report/report.sh start COPY resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf CMD update-locale LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 EXPOSE 7007 After I building the image docker build -t javamachine_0.1.3 . docker run –net mynet –ip –dns -td javamachine_0.1.3 But container can not to start. docker start container_id is not working. The status of container same (exited)

Error Setting up Containerized Sensu-server and client, to monitor Docker

I am trying to setup sensu-server to monitor my docker containers, by following the instructions on this post. The Docker daemon is running on the same host has the sensu-server and sensu-clients (localhost). The file check-docker, contains an entry to call the script load-docker-metrics.sh check-docker.sh { “checks”: { “load_docker_metrics”: { “type”: “metric”, “command”: “load-docker-metrics.sh”, “subscribers”: […]

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