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How to build docker image frome .drone.yml?

I have a (.drone.yml) test file from which i want to build a docker image. According to the documentations i have to build it using drone . I tried this tutorial ( https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-perform-continuous-integration-testing-with-drone-io-on-coreos-and-docker ) and several other tutorials but i failed . can anyone show me please a simple way to build .drone.yml ! Thank […]

How to interact with Docker daemon directly (bypass the terminal) through Java program

User types docker command in terminal, and terminal sends it to Docker daemon, and then receives the response from Docker daemon and display it to user. Is it possible that we develop a Java program to do the things what terminal does, directly talking to Docker daemon? If it is possible we can add some […]

.NET Core Container Built with VSTS won't run on Linux

I am using Visual Studio Team Services to build a .NET Core container with the aspnetcore image. If I build the image from source on a Linux machine, I can run it and curl localhost works great. However, the same exact code running in VSTS, building the same image, yields a different result. I’m using […]

How do i run curl command from within a Kubernetes pod

I have the following questions:- 1: I am logged into a Kubernetes pod using the following command:- ./cluster/kubectl.sh exec my-nginx-0onux -c my-nginx -it bash the ‘ip addr show’ command shows its assigned the ip of the pod. Since pod is a logical concept , i am assuming i am logged into a docker container and […]

Why is a shell within a docker container showing dmesg content from the host?

I have a docker container running Debian jessie on Ubuntu yakkety. When within the docker (connected via ssh for instance) I am isolated from the host (which is expected). I however realized that dmesg shows me the messages for the host and not for the container. How can it have access to information of its […]

What is the difference between exposing docker port and creating bridge(or overlay)?

I’ve started to work with Docker recently, so the question might be strange. The point is that I need to deploy cluster using containers and my main concern is next: what will be more suitable – just to expose ports of all containers to the machine’s ports or to use bridge(or overlay)?

Docker on CentOS with bridge to LAN network

I have a server VLAN of and my Docker host is How do I configure a bridge network on my Docker host (VM) so that all the containers can connect directly to my LAN network without having to redirect ports around on the default I tried searching but all the howtos I’ve […]

Run IIS Windows container

I have followed this (IIS Windows Container) https://hub.docker.com/r/microsoft/iis/ and am running into this (Not authorised) https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/21558 is it just me? Am i doing something wrong? Or does this just not work yet? I’m running Windows 10 (Build 14931) in VM Ware with Docker beta 1.12.2-Beta28 ps I don’t have enough rep to create windows-containers as […]

Can I populate the content of the Volume I created in Bluemix Containers?

I uploaded a Oracle11g DB image in my Bluemix Container registry. I created a volume called oradbdata in IBM Containers using the CLI: cf ic volume create oradbdata Now I need to copy some content into this volume before running the container. Is there anyway to access this volume and populate its content? Lionel

Docker – Not able to telnet Linked Container

I have a container A with Dockerfile as follows: … FROM ubuntu:latest MAINTAINER arpitaggarwal “aggarwalarpit.89@gmail.com” EXPOSE 8080 and another container B with Dockerfile as follows: … FROM ubuntu:latest MAINTAINER arpitaggarwal “aggarwalarpit.89@gmail.com” RUN apt-get install -q -y mysql-server EXPOSE 3306 Then I started the container B using command: docker run -P -it –name db B /bin/bash […]

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