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Is there a way to restrict untrusted container scheduler?

I have an application which I’d like to give the privilege to launch short-lived tasks and schedule these as docker containers. I was thinking of doing this simply via docker run. As I want to make the attack surface as small as possible, I treat the application as untrusted. As such it can potentially run […]

Get Docker Container CPU Usage as Percentage

Docker provides an interactive stats command, docker stats [cid] which gives up to date information on the CPU usage, like so: CONTAINER CPU % MEM USAGE/LIMIT MEM % NET I/O 36e8a65d 0.03% 4.086 MiB/7.798 GiB 0.05% 281.3 MiB/288.3 MiB I’m trying to get the CPU usage as a percentage in a digestible format to do […]

Running Visual Studio Remote Debugger in Windows Container (Docker managed)

I try to run the Visual Studio Remote Debugger in a Windows Container on Windows Server 2016 TP4. Since it runs inside a container, there is no UI. I try to run the remote debugger via: .\msvsmon.exe /nostatus /silent /nosecuritywarn /nofirewallwarn /noclrwarn /port 4020 I am executing the above as administrator user (nt authority\system). This […]

Docker interactive mode and executing script

I have a Python script in my docker container that needs to be executed, but I also need to have interactive access to the container once it has been created ( with /bin/bash ). I would like to be able to create my container, have my script executed and be inside the container to see […]

How do I create a docker machine with a specific URL using docker-machine and VirtualBox?

I can create a Docker instance with the VirtualBox driver, but I cannot figure out how to specify the URL. Create Command: docker-machine create –driver virtualbox myBox docker-machine ls: NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM myBox * virtualbox Running tcp:// I want the URL to be a specific URL. How can I force the Docker […]

Do docker containers retain file changes?

This is a very basic question, but I’m struggling a bit and would like to make sure I understand properly. After a container is started from an image and some changes done to files within (i.e.: some data stored in the DB of a WebApp running on the container), what’s the appropriate way to continue […]

How can I keep container running on Kubernetes?

I’m now trying to run a simple container with shell(/bin/bash) on Kubernetes Cluster. I thought that there is a way to keep container running on docker container by using pseudo-tty and detach option(-td option on docker run command). For Example $ sudo docker run -td ubuntu:latest Is there any option like this in kubernetes? I’ve […]

stop and delete docker container if its running

I am looking to pragmatically stop and delete a docker container if it is running. This is for a build script. Take the following example. How would I stop and delete the docker container “rabbitmq” as seen under the NAMES column in a bash script. docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES […]

Push docker image to amazon ecs repository

Im new to AWS. I want to set up a private docker repository on an AWS ECS container instance. I created a repository named name. The example push commands shown by AWS are working. aws ecr get-login –region us-west-2 docker build -t name . docker tag name:latest ############.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/name:latest docker push ############.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/name:latest But with this commands […]

Is it possible to install Visual Studio in a Windows Container

Is it possible to install any version of Visual Studio in a Windows Container on a Windows Server? The motivation is to use Windows Containers for building software in continuous integration systems, so that the build environment is standardized.

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