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kubectl throwing segmentation fault

I have started playing with kubernetes. I followed the guide to set it up locally via minikube. I have perfectly managed to configure I am facing a weird issue. Whenever I try running some command using kubectl I get segmentation fault (core dumped). Even when I tried accessing the directory ‘kubectl’, it threw the same […]

libcontainer – system programmers perspective

I am a newbie go programmer, with system programming background,trying to dissect libcontainer. I am pretty familiar with name spaces and control groups . I am interested in knowing how exactly libcontainer leverages these features to create a container. Logically speaking someone has to call clone system call with NEW_NS_FLAGS.But I cant find where this […]

Docker Mac, containers unable to VPN servers

I am using Docker for mac. After creating containers, I am unable to ping any servers external or internal after connecting to VPN, How can I use host machine network from container like a VM with VPN connection

Docker OS / application containers

Im trying to understand how Docker works , in the documentation i found that Docker supports only Application containers and not OS containers. However, im able for example to run an Ubuntu 14.04 image using Docker. Does it mean that Ubuntu 14.04 image is not an OS container ? if not, can anyone explain to […]

exec is no use ,I do not know how to solve

My IBM Bluemix container is running. If I run cf ic exec -it my_container bash, it shows me: Error response from daemon: Container nova-96e528bf-6eed-4973-a92b-47b705d0b60f It is not running and if I run cf ic attach my_container, it shows me nothing and window is bad. Why?

CentOS as a Docker host causes different container behavior compared to any other host OS

I am working with Docker on different Hosts : RHEL7 , SELS12 and CentOS7, And i found a different behavior in containers which running on CentOS7 as Docker Host, comparing to containers which running on SLES12 or RHEL7 as Docker hosts. The different behavior is related to those common issues in Docker containers: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/7147https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/6800 In […]

why my pipework does't add a interface in my container?

I had downloaded pipework and docker already. Then I creat a container: [root@localhost ~]#docker run -i -t –name=”april” –net=none centos:latest [root@610479f1e794 /]# //Ctrl+p Ctrl+q exit the container use the pipework to manage the net of container: [root@localhost ~]#pipework br1 april Link veth1pl36446 exists and is up [root@localhost ~]#docker attach april //attachto the container [root@610479f1e794 […]

Error building a ManageIQ container from git

I am trying to build a ManageIQ container from its source code and I am seeing errors doing so.. I am using the following: sudo docker build -t darga-container-28072016 . and receiving the following error: Step 11 : RUN curl -sSLko /etc/yum.repos.d/rhscl-rh-postgresql94-epel-7.repo https://copr-fe.cloud.fedoraproject.org/coprs/rhscl/rh-postgresql94/repo/epel-7/rhscl-rh-postgresql94-epel-7.repo && curl -sSLko /etc/yum.repos.d/ncarboni-pglogical-SCL-epel-7.repo https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/ncarboni/pglogical-SCL/repo/epel-7/ncarboni-pglogical-SCL-epel-7.repo —> Running in 9bca2fce10d7 Cannot start container […]

Is it possible to pass on additional options to docker start like (port forwarding, capabilities)

A container is started with limited options and then have been stopped. Is it possible to pass on additional options (like port forwarding, or mounting volumes etc) when starting a stopped container? docker start –help doesn’t show much of the options though! Is committing the container to a new image and then running a new […]

Restart a process inside a Docker container whenever the config file changes

I have a DockerFile that starts 2 processes in a single docker container using a jar file and a config file as an argument java -jar process1.jar process1.cfg & java -jar process2.jar process2.cfg process1.cfg and process2.cfg are residing in mounted directories. Now whenever there is a change in any of the cfg files, I would […]

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