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How can I identify why my replica's are not starting in the swarm?

I have used the following docker swarm command within my manager node to deploy my application. $ docker stack deploy –compose-file docker-stack.yml sb Here is the docker-stack.yml file. version: “3” services: db: image: postgres:9.4 volumes: – db-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data networks: – backend deploy: placement: constraints: [node.role == manager] sample_blog: image: quay.io/repository/copley/sample_blog ports: – 3000:80 networks: – frontend […]

How to get docker run to take the directory from the client machine to the host container?

My goal is to compile some code using maven from my project directory on my docker client machine using docker. (mvn compile running in a docker container). Assume my maven image is called mvn-image and my project directory is project-dir. If I had the docker host running on the same machine as the docker client […]

Cant produce-to OR consume-from kafka broker running inside a container

Setting Up I am using the confluent/kafka images from docker hub to start the zookeeper and the kafka instances in two separate containers. The commands I have used to start the containers are as follows: docker run –rm –name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 confluent/zookeeper docker run –rm –name kafka -p 9092:9092 –link zookeeper:zookeeper confluent/kafka And I […]

Cgroups and docker – misunderstanding

I am trying to understand docker in connection to cgroups or cgroups in connection to docker. I know that cgroups make it possible to manage resources for particular process – for example we can assign some piece of RAM to firefox and some policies on CPU. However, why it is so strong in connection with […]

Exposing local Docker containers on internet (There are two containers linked to each other).

I have created two docker containers, One is mysql and other is phabricator both are linked and both are locally. I have bound mysql port to Now I want to expose the phabricator to internet. so that everyone can use that. –net=host option does not work with links. Can anyone tell me how can […]

How to get the status of Docker Image Tag that lies in a private registry

Is there any way to get the status of a Docker image that lies in a private repository through API or CLI? Use Case: I am trying to push a Docker image with particular tag into a private registry. After pushing I need to know whether it really got pushed or not. If I pass […]

Not able to pull image from local docker registry when tried to create a POD using yaml file

I’m not able to pull an image from my local docker registry when I try to create a POD using yaml file. Here are the diagnostic steps taken: kubectl describe pod <pod name> error msg: Error while pulling image: Get http://localhost:5001/v1/repositories/hello_world_application/images: dial tcp [::1]:5001: getsockopt: connection refused docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE […]

Blocking of docker-compose up on ubuntu 16.04

I am trying to automate the lauching of my containers with docker-compose. “Docker build” and “docker-compose build” are successfully completed but I have a problem when I launch “docker-compose up”. Indeed, the process works fine until it arrives to this line (in the mysql container) : mysql_1 | Version: ‘5.7.17’ socket: ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ port: 3306 MySQL […]

Invoke docker container from Jenkins pipeline which is also running as docker container on Windows for docker (for Windows 10)

I have installed docker for Windows on Windows 10. Pulled latest Jenkins image and start a container. Jenkins is started up and running. In my Jenkins pipeline, I m building node application. I want to build this node application through Jenkins pipeline but within another container (docker container running from node and angular image) . […]

Best practices for managing SSH keys with Azure container service deployments

I’m a bit puzzled by the documentation I’m reading for Azure Container Services. I have a project that allows me to successfully build and deploy my Dockerfile to ACS – after creating the Container Service within the Azure portal – which is super awesome. One issue I see, though, is that only one public key […]

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