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How to share java-packages between docker-container via link?

I am completely new to Docker and don’t really understand how “link” works between containers. I wrote a little java-program with some packages and I want each package to run on a different container. I would like the packages to find each other through the link and communicate with each other. The goal is, that […]

How can I get a container running again, that has stopped now but was running before

I had this container running: docker run -d -P -v $HOME/site:/usr/share/nginx/html –name mysite nginx and then I stopped it These are my images: docker@boot2docker:~$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE nginx 1.9.2 319d2015d149 6 days ago 132.8 MB nginx latest 319d2015d149 6 days ago 132.8 MB nginx 1 319d2015d149 6 days ago […]

How to connect docker's container with pipeline

I would like to have custom server which listens inside docker‘s container (e.g on TCP How to send data in and out from outside of the container. I don’t want to use host ports for bridging. I would rather use pipelines or something which not take host network resources. Please show me full example […]

Remove docker images and containers that are taking disk space

I’ve been using Docker for a while… I usually the command “docker run” to run containers. Today, I had the problem of saving data to disk on a database: No space left on device According to various documentation online, the solution is to use the following command: docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) docker rm […]

docker restart on cascade

We’ve found that, if you have two containers linked, and network connections established between them, if the receiving container is restarted, the other one maintain the connections alive, resulting in failures. Our question is: Is it possible to restart containers in cascade? eg: Container_A -link-> Container_B Container_B is restarted Container_A is restarted in cascade because […]

On server startup NPM find start script

I’m working with docker and I’m wondering how I can get the command npm start to locate the app.js file without me doing it via the command line. my package.json (located: /srv/www) looks as so: { “name”: “dist”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “description”: “”, “main”: “app.js”, “scripts”: { “start”: “forever start -c \”nodemon –harmony\” app.js –exitcrash” }, […]

I want to create isolated environment for all teammates to run their code

Suppose I have a ubuntu machine(server). And 3 team members, they all are working on their separate applications : 1. PHP 2. Node 3. Java Now when they push their code, I need to be able to run their code so that they can test it. Moreover, the app must be kept running and their […]

Docker container IP's not communicating in kubernetes cluster

I have a kubenetes cluster running successfully. I have tried bringing applications in the cluster like a simple nginx. I have a setup of master-minion and a minion node. The problem here is that I’m able to launch applications from the master-minion node but when I bring up applications in another minion it gives me […]

unable to run docker container using marathon

I am trying to run docker container using apache marathon/mesos. In the official documentation they have mentioned echo “docker,mesos” > /etc/mesos-slave/containerizers should be done to use docker. But there is no such file or directory on my machine. I’m using ubuntu 14.04. my mesos version is 0.22.1. It only shows deploying while running using marathon […]

Docker running on Centos7 with a Windows 7 container

Is it possible as the title states to run a Docker container with the HOST being Centos7 and the CONTAINER being Windows 7? I have not had any luck with Google pulling down meaningful results, nor is there a solution on SO. Update, the link to use “boot2docker” offers no real context or any value […]

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