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Fail to start linux container after upgrading to docker 1.5

I used to use docker 1.3 and it worked well. There’re some problems after upgrading to docker 1.5. Is there something about my lxc? And I have tried apt-get purge lxc and apt-get install lxc to re-install it. ➜ ~ sudo docker version Client version: 1.5.0 Client API version: 1.17 Go version (client): go1.4.1 Git […]

Why rancher service disconnected sometimes?

I used Rancher to deploy a Rails application. I created two services. One used for install node packages and db migration. The other one used for Rails application. The second service works well. But the first one sometimes disconnected. So it is necessary to install the node packages again. It’s crazy! The services are: a. […]

Sharing namespaces within Docker

Consider that application A is an app that provides a form of clustering with an allowed designated number of slaves to join on this cluster. Applications B, C, and D would need to join this cluster in order to function properly. What I would like to do is have application A inside a container, while […]

How to use Dockerfile to link main container to a db container?

Docker has a quite convenient way to link the main container to a db container with a command like: docker run –link db:db user/main This is very convenient already. However, I believe it’s still clumsy compared to a command like: docker run user/ultra where ultra is a container that is already linking the main container […]

How to arrange web application docker containers in production stage

I’m approaching to the Linux Container world by looking at one of maybe the most famous and used containers manager that is Docker. I have quite clear the advantages of using Docker at the development stage. Fast and easy creation of image including any sort of application (database, server, etc…) but I haven’t clear yet […]

How to set a time limit for a Kubernetes job?

I’d like to launch a Kubernetes job and give it a fixed deadline to finish. If the pod is still running when the deadline comes, I’d like the job to automatically be killed. Does something like this exist? (At first I thought that the Job spec’s activeDeadlineSeconds covered this use case, but now I see […]

Benchmarking contianers in clouds

I am working with container orchestration environments, I want to run some tests on docker-swarm and Kubernetes, as a part of that I am interested to know about the container “startup time” when they are running in aws. Eg : https://medium.com/on-docker/evaluating-container-platforms-at-scale-5e7b44d93f2c. It was in a very large scale but I want to do it in […]

Bluemix: service bound to container does not appear in VCAP_SERVICES

I’m trying to use IBM Containers for Bluemix to deploy a container and bind it to a Bluemix service. I start with an existing Bluemix app, which is bound to the MongoDB service I want. I verify that its VCAP_SERVICES environment variable is correctly populated: $ cf env mamacdon-app Getting env variables for app mamacdon-app […]

Docker container – node application – run issue

I try to get my node application to run in a Docker container locally. I am using boot2docker. The node application is structured as follow: todolistdocker > todoapp > package.json + server.js + other folders (www,…) My docker file is as per below: # retrive the node docker image from bluemix node image FROM registry-ice.ng.bluemix.net/ibmnode:latest […]

Docker Run Time Statistics ( Benchmarks)

I know there are lots of docker experts around but I spent considerable time to find out some facts and figure about Docker’s run time performance, but unfortunately i could not get any concrete answer. Let me start with telling you my System’s configuration: (a) Running CentOS 6.5 on a machine having 48GB RAM, 1TB […]

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