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How to connect to Informix DB on host machine from a container through jdbc?

Informix db 12.10 is installed and works fine to connect via a java application using informix jdbc, both are on host machine. When I use a docker container to run my java application and connect to Informix on host machine, it does not connect. The docker0 on host machine shows and ip of container […]

IBM Bluemix Containers : cf ic stats not working

I’m trying to get the command cf ic stats working but whenever I run it, it just returns 0s for all the datapoints: CONTAINER CPU % MEM USAGE/LIMIT MEM % NET I/O TestNode 0.00% 0 B/0 B 0.00% 0 B/0 B If I try to run the command with the option as listed in the […]

how to use Openvswitch bridge as bridge driver in docker libnetwork

I am working with libnetwork for docker networking. Libnetwork has different network divers ex. null,Bridge, Overlay ,Remote. In the bridge driver libnetwork create a bridge inside the host machine so that containers can be connected to that. It create linux bridges when we use bridge driver in libnetwork. My problem is how to replace linux […]

Cannot connect to MySQL within running docker container

we have a scenario where we launch a MySQL docker container, try to connect to the MySQL within the container, and do something, after that we stop and remove the container. We do this for hundreds of times, say 200 and more in our code. Occasionally, we failed to connect to the MySQL within docker […]

COREOS error on Bare Metal Server (unix socket /var/run/docker.sock does not exist)

I´ve installed CoreOs on BareMetal (dedicated 16GB, 4cores Atom). Docker is running and despite the fact that simple bash instructions run properly, when launching dockerui images downloaded form the hub I get the /var/run/docker.sock not found. The sock file is present and docker daemon is running. When launching docker daemon in interactive shell I get […]

File not found in docker container

I’m doing something extremely simple. Here is my Dockerfile: FROM alpine:latest ADD hello.sh /bin/hello RUN chmod +x /bin/hello CMD /bin/hello Then I build the image: docker build -t hello . Then I run the image: docker run hello And here is the output: /bin/sh: /bin/hello: not found Why is this happening? If I run: docker […]

error response from daemon: no such container: dionaea

I am working on T-Pot 16.03 which is a bundle of honeypots working in dockerised format for research purposes. This is running on Ubunutu 14.04 .4 LTS. http://imgur.com/Esc7w9A As you can see, container dionaea has stopped working for no reason at all. I did not modify anything from the machine in the last three days […]

Creating first image on bluemix docker

I’m trying to create a simple ubuntu image on docker within Bluemix. I have the cli setup (at the latest version) but keep getting a login prompt when trying to push the image. My dockerfile is trivial: FROM docker.io/ubuntu:latest MAINTAINER My Name RUN echo “Imaged” > /tmp/image.txt I build it with sudo docker build -t […]

Cannot create docker images

I try to create a Docker image in the developerWorks organization for an article. Instead of proceeding, or asking me for a container namespace, I get this error: BXNUI0517E: The attempt to retrieve the container namespace of the org failed because of an internal error with incident ID 238-1457636351.976-5559997. Try again later. If this problem […]

deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes

can someone help with how to deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes? currently im running only one node/master at local machine with ubuntu server 14.04 LTS if im running with this sudo docker run –name esb isim/wso2esb it instantly trigger the service inside the container but if im running with this kubectl run esb1 […]

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