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Sending spark-submit inside a docker container to a YARN cluster

I have spark 1.6.1 installed in a docker container. I can run my spark python application locally, but when I try to submit it into a yarn cluster outside my host (spark-submit –master yarn myapp.py) It stays into an ACCEPTED state. If I go into the stderr logs from my application I have the following: […]

Cannot deploy docker containers from different hosts

I’m integrating Docker into the Continous Integration of a project, so with each commit, it builds a docker image, pushes it to a private registry and runs that container on a machine running in OpenStack. We’re using Ansible (v2.1) for the automation, so to interact with Docker, I’m using the docker_container module. Aside from just […]

Why the docker keeps both image and image container on VM?

The problem I encounter when working with large images is that Docker copies all the data when you create a container from it: so having 25gb image and a container for it totally takes about 50gb on Docker VM. Am I doing something wrong or does Docker always function like that? If so, why? E. […]

Windows Containers : Unable to ping containers created with transparent network from other hosts

Environment : Windows Server 2016 in Azure Docker Version : 1.12.2-cs2-ws-beta Kernel Version: 10.0 14393 (14393.321.amd64fre.rs1_release_inmarket.161004-2338) I have created a transparent network with docker network create -d transparent trans and created two containers say A and B in the same network. I am able to ping A from B and vice versa. But i am […]

Configuring docker container with ansible

Is it a good or bad practice to configure docker container with ansible, from within the container, providing ansible command as an entrypoint? Using ansible it would be easier to configure things depending of some lookup conditions. This ansible command would also start the provided service. Is this a good or evil? Another option would […]

How to get all containers using Dockerode and Javascript

I’m trying to display on a Meteor app all running containers and all stopped containers that I have in Docker. For the moment I can only display the running containers when I stop one he’s deleted from the DB automatically. There is my code where I get the containers (and where I need a little […]

Mysql in container or different VM

I am running MySQL database on different VM (separate from web server). Because of separate VM I can protect database by giving access permission to only server and closing all other ports other than 3306. Now, with docker I can set up LAMP server in one container and MySQL in other. How secure and scalable […]

Connecting php docker to mqtt docker

I am developing an application in IBM Bluemix. I am having two dockers Mqtt broker docker (https://github.com/mezz64/mqtt-broker-docker-image) Php apache based docker(https://github.com/tutumcloud/apache-php) I am having a python code on my machine through which I intend to publish a message to Mqtt broker. Once published, I want the php docker to subscribe to Mqtt broker docker and […]

How can we mount volume on a container that's running without commit, stopping or pausing it?

I created a docker container that is already running a the bash. $ docker run -ti ubuntu bash In a new terminal I check for the running containers: $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 354449b423e1 ubuntu “bash” About a minute ago Up About a minute backstabbing_mestorf Now I want to […]

docker build access host folder

on my centos7 host, I write a Dockerfile to build a image base on centos7:latest. also on my centos7 host, there is a local yumrepo folder, there are many RPMs I need install to docker image, the total size is about 1GB. in my Dockerfile, I need write repo url to /etc/yum.repos.d/local.yum, like: baseurl=file://home/local_yumrepo/. then […]

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