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CentOS as a Docker host causes different container behavior compared to any other host OS

I am working with Docker on different Hosts : RHEL7 , SELS12 and CentOS7, And i found a different behavior in containers which running on CentOS7 as Docker Host, comparing to containers which running on SLES12 or RHEL7 as Docker hosts. The different behavior is related to those common issues in Docker containers: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/7147https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/6800 In […]

why my pipework does't add a interface in my container?

I had downloaded pipework and docker already. Then I creat a container: [root@localhost ~]#docker run -i -t –name=”april” –net=none centos:latest [root@610479f1e794 /]# //Ctrl+p Ctrl+q exit the container use the pipework to manage the net of container: [root@localhost ~]#pipework br1 april Link veth1pl36446 exists and is up [root@localhost ~]#docker attach april //attachto the container [root@610479f1e794 […]

Error building a ManageIQ container from git

I am trying to build a ManageIQ container from its source code and I am seeing errors doing so.. I am using the following: sudo docker build -t darga-container-28072016 . and receiving the following error: Step 11 : RUN curl -sSLko /etc/yum.repos.d/rhscl-rh-postgresql94-epel-7.repo https://copr-fe.cloud.fedoraproject.org/coprs/rhscl/rh-postgresql94/repo/epel-7/rhscl-rh-postgresql94-epel-7.repo && curl -sSLko /etc/yum.repos.d/ncarboni-pglogical-SCL-epel-7.repo https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/ncarboni/pglogical-SCL/repo/epel-7/ncarboni-pglogical-SCL-epel-7.repo —> Running in 9bca2fce10d7 Cannot start container […]

Is it possible to pass on additional options to docker start like (port forwarding, capabilities)

A container is started with limited options and then have been stopped. Is it possible to pass on additional options (like port forwarding, or mounting volumes etc) when starting a stopped container? docker start –help doesn’t show much of the options though! Is committing the container to a new image and then running a new […]

Restart a process inside a Docker container whenever the config file changes

I have a DockerFile that starts 2 processes in a single docker container using a jar file and a config file as an argument java -jar process1.jar process1.cfg & java -jar process2.jar process2.cfg process1.cfg and process2.cfg are residing in mounted directories. Now whenever there is a change in any of the cfg files, I would […]

Having trouble setting up a persistent data volume for a Docker image

I’ve been looking into setting up a data volume for a Docker container that I’m running on my server. The container is from this FreePBX image https://hub.docker.com/r/jmar71n/freepbx/ Basically I want persistent data so I don’t lose my VoIP extensions and settings in the case of Docker stopping. I’ve tried many guides, ones here on stack […]

Can a docker image break for different versions of Docker engine?

I am new to Docker. From introductory materials, I learned that Docker engine forms an abstraction layer above the operating system. This seems to be similar to JVM and .NET runtime. So if Docker gets a new version, will some functionalities break ? Do we need to be aware of versions of Docker runtime in […]

How to add locale in docker container

I want to add locale into my container. When I’m root on my container, and I do locale -a, I have this : C C.UTF-8 POSIX I tried to add locale with this : locale-gen fr_FR.UTF-8. After I restarted container. But when I do locale -a, I don’t have fr_FR.uft8… But I don’t understant when […]

Docker security isolation what does it mean exactly?

Most of the doubt/risk concerning docker I can read on internet concern the potential isolation security. On the docker documentation, I understand their is two things to take care of: The docker daemon needs root it self. This means that anyone with access to the daemon could potentially mess with the whole system. While I […]

Container watches etcd leader vs container watches etcd cluster

My containerized application requires dynamic notification of changes to configuration data held by etcd. Assuming a clustered etcd implementation, my app would ideally access (and watch) the etcd leader. I could discover the etcd leader prior to launching my app (and include the leader’s IP in my app’s environment), as suggested here, but the leader […]

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