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Using Docker with nodejs with node-gyp dependencies

I’m planning to use Docker to deploy a node.js app. The app has several dependencies that require node-gyp. Node-gyp builds these modules (e.g. canvas, lwip, qrcode) against compiled libraries on the delivery platform, and in my experience these builds can be highly dependent on the o/s version and libraries installed, and they often break a […]

Range of IP address to be allowed from internal network for Bluemix Containers

We cannot push any Docker Images to Bluemix registry as our Internal Proxy is blocking the requests to Bluemix domain. Our Network team needs the range of IP Addresses which they need to allow . Can you help with the same

Kubernetes MySQL replication – Master service host inquiry

I currently have a working MySQL master and slave with asynchronous replication set up on a Kubernetes cluster. I’m trying to plan for a contingency if the master goes down, the slave will pick up the slack and what not. I figured the first step would be to review the Dockerfiles and scripts that define […]

How to get ip and port in one docker container form other one with environment variables?

I use Docker-Compose. Some time ago i used this code. Nginx used ip and port from environment variables like this “API_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR” “API_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT”. Now i can not to connect from one container to other. I found some description in the documentation, that “links” should do such work, i mean it creates environment variables and later i […]

swift 3.1.1.-release on linux copyItem(atPath:toPath:) is not yet implemented

I’m using the swift ubuntu docker: https://github.com/IBM-Swift/swift-ubuntu-docker and try to copy a file from pathA to pathB. During the execution I get the fatal error: fatal error: copyItem(atPath:toPath:) is not yet implemented: file Foundation/NSFileManager.swift, line 376 Illegal instruction The command: # swift –version responses Swift version 3.1.1 (swift-3.1.1-RELEASE) Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Online I found the information […]

Logging events in Kubernetes cluster

Iam new to Kubernetes , i have to create a logging mechanism which logs various pod lifecycle events happening in Kubernetes Cluster . Can any one tell how shall i proceed ?

Getting list of running containers from a cluster

I am running docker containers on an AWS via ECS. I have setup a cluster with some basic configuration. Now I am looking forward to get no. of all running containers on this cluster (spread across 2-3 EC2 instances)? Does AWS / Docker provide any API for this? I know on a container instance, doing […]

How to setup a simple reverse proxy in docker?

I am new in docker. I have of applications running on multiple container. Now, I would like to publish all my apps. What I am planning to do is do make a cluster containning all my application. I want at least 4 containers. Nginx container that is facing internet like a reverse proxy. He is […]

Windows Container (Nano Server) with ASP.NET Core

I’m trying to make an Windows Nano Server container that runs an ASP.NET Core app. I’m building it on Windows Server 2016. I can make it work, but there is one odd problem. The only way I can make it work is to build the image, run the container, then start an interactive Powershell session […]

How to view php logs information with php docker container?

I have a php-fpm docker container . Php-fpm is run inside container, can i get php-fpm’s log on host machine? If i can, how to do?

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