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Measure resource usage of Docker container on exit

I create containers which compile/interpret user’c code and pass the result back to the browser (just like JSFiddle). Now, I need to know how much CPU and memory has been used for executing that code. So, I don’t need it realtime but on container’s exit, so that I can pass these two parameters with the […]

Getting docker pull to default pull from a private registry?

So when you docker pull an image, it by default looks to the Docker Hub registry to find the image. Is there any way that I can make it so when I docker pull, it by default looks into my private registry?

Copy apidoc files from dokku container to host apache folder

I have a dokku REST app running, and I am using http://apidocjs.com/ to generate my api documentation. The thing is i have it hosted in a digitalocean droplet. And i would like to have a bash script or something that: 1.- Executes the apidoc command 2.- Copies all of the generated files from the container […]

Can SSH in but not out of docker container: network unreachable

Real docker noob here, trying to get an ubuntu container that can be accessed via SSH. I’m using an image using this dockerfile and building & running it with docker build -t sshable ~/PATH/” and “docker run –name test -t sshable I can ssh out to the host and a VM on it just fine […]

Possible to host private docker registries?

I’m trying to set up a workflow where I can git pull a docker container from a git repository on a local machine, then push it to a private docker registry where many people can access it. The issue is, I want it so anyone from any machine anywhere will be able to pull from […]

kubectl throwing segmentation fault

I have started playing with kubernetes. I followed the guide to set it up locally via minikube. I have perfectly managed to configure I am facing a weird issue. Whenever I try running some command using kubectl I get segmentation fault (core dumped). Even when I tried accessing the directory ‘kubectl’, it threw the same […]

libcontainer – system programmers perspective

I am a newbie go programmer, with system programming background,trying to dissect libcontainer. I am pretty familiar with name spaces and control groups . I am interested in knowing how exactly libcontainer leverages these features to create a container. Logically speaking someone has to call clone system call with NEW_NS_FLAGS.But I cant find where this […]

Docker Mac, containers unable to VPN servers

I am using Docker for mac. After creating containers, I am unable to ping any servers external or internal after connecting to VPN, How can I use host machine network from container like a VM with VPN connection

Docker OS / application containers

Im trying to understand how Docker works , in the documentation i found that Docker supports only Application containers and not OS containers. However, im able for example to run an Ubuntu 14.04 image using Docker. Does it mean that Ubuntu 14.04 image is not an OS container ? if not, can anyone explain to […]

exec is no use ,I do not know how to solve

My IBM Bluemix container is running. If I run cf ic exec -it my_container bash, it shows me: Error response from daemon: Container nova-96e528bf-6eed-4973-a92b-47b705d0b60f It is not running and if I run cf ic attach my_container, it shows me nothing and window is bad. Why?

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