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Docker – Prometheus container dies immediatly

I have cadvisor running with port mapping 4000:8080 and i have to link it with a container with prometheus. My prometheus.yml is: scrape_configs: # Scrape Prometheus itself every 2 seconds. – job_name: ‘prometheus’ scrape_interval: 2s target_groups: – targets: [‘localhost:9090’, ‘cadvisor:8080’] This file has path /home/test/prometheus.yml. To run the container with prometheus i do: docker run […]

What is the difference between running an application on ec2-server and running an application on top of docker on ec2-server?

Lets say we have a war file. I am going to deploy it on AWS. I can install tomcat ,etc and deploy it directly on the ec2-instance. I can install docker and install everything in the container and deploy it. What is the difference ? when should I use what?

difference between checkpoint and docker export

What is the difference between checkpoint and docker export? I know that docker export result in a .tar containing the filesystem of the container. What about checkpoint? Any help is appreciated!

Apache2 Container on BlueMix won't stay up

I’ve started with IBM’s image: registry.ng.bluemix.net/ibmnode:latest It’s Ubuntu 14.04, I then add Apache2 on, do some file copies of my site, and then EXPOSE 443. Lastly, I invoke a bash script with the following: #!/bin/bash set -e rm -f /usr/local/apache2/logs/httpd.pid exec /usr/sbin/apache2ctl -DFOREGROUND When I run the container locally, it works fine and serves up […]

Cannot increase size for docker container – Ubuntu 16.04

I tried running docker run –memory=16g -ti -v […] But on my other terminal when I run docker stats, it always show that MEM USAGE / LIMIT 48.89 MiB / 3.724 GiB And it seems like 3.724Gb is the upper bound of the limit – if I rerun with only –memory=1G then it will accept. […]

IBM Bluemix authentication token always invalid

I’ve written a little Python script, which is supposed to access the IBM Bluemix container API described here using Python’s requests module. Here is the script: “”” You can run this script for example as follows: python test-script.py \ –user <YOUR IBM BLUEMIX USER NAME> \ –ca-certificate <PATH TO YOUR ca.pem> \ –oauth-token “$(cf oauth-token)” […]


I’ve got a pod with 2 containers, both running nginx. One is running on port 80, the other on port 88. I have no trouble accessing the one on port 80, but can’t seem to access the one on port 88. When I try, I get: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. […]

How to backup the cassandra running in docker container

We have cassandra cluster with 3 nodes running in our environment in docker container. Earlier we used snapshotter but as we have recently migrated it to docker how can we achieve the backup of cassandra. Is there any way to take the incremental backups. Thanks in Advance. Kiran Kumar

Docker Consul Multiple Containers in single VM setup

Docker commands that I have used to spin the consul container- Created static Ip for container 1 = docker network create –subnet= C1 Run a consul container to that Ip: docker run -d –net C1 –ip -p 48301:8301/tcp -p 48400:8400/tcp -p 48600:8600/tcp -p 48300:8300/tcp -p 48302:8302/tcp -p 48302:8302/udp -p 48500:8500/tcp -p 48600:8600/udp -p 48301:8301/udp […]

Opening a (Bluemix) container to all incoming connection

Happy new year 2017! Hello everybody! I have some issues when I try to deploy my docker image in a BlueMix container (where cf ic run = docker run) I can’t access the container from web even if the image is running well inside. I pinged the binded adress: ping PING ( 56 […]

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