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Initializing database in the base image of a running container

I pulled a mysql:5.5 image from the docker repo which I am using as a base image for my containerized app. After running this application that uses the mysql from the base image, it gives the following error error: database is uninitialized and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD not set Did you forget to add -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=… ? How […]

udp client server program communication to ibm bluemix containers

I am newbie to bluemix containers. I have created a bluemix container and exposed the port 5005 for udp client server communication. The port was not able to receive message from my program from the host. Below is my Docker file I created. FROM registry.ng.bluemix.net/ibmliberty:latest COPY pythonServer.py /home/ EXPOSE 9080 5005/udp # Run Liberty via […]

How much memory needed for build docker v1.9.0

I check out the docker source 1.9.0, and try to build on AWS EC2. But failed, and error out. /usr/local/go/pkg/tool/linux_amd64/6l: running gcc failed: Cannot allocate memory I follow the Work with a development container. The EC2 is 1GB memory. How much memory is required for build docker v1.9.0? [Update 2015-11-13] The same EC2 can succeed […]

Are there any simple python packages that will run a prebuilt docker image

I know there are a ton of articles, blogs, and SO questions about running python applications inside a docker container. But I am looking for information on doing the opposite. I have a distributed application with a lot of independent components, and I have put each of these components inside a docker container(s) that I […]

Establishing configurations in new containers

I am setting up a brand new development environment, nginx+php-fpm and decided to create application containers (using docker) for each service. Normally I would install nginx and php and modify the configuration (with and editor like vim), reload the services until the services were correctly configured. To establish a similar procedure starting the initial container […]

Bluemix – IBM Containers problems for US South?

Anybody having problems with IBM Containers on US South in Bluemix? Containers report Data currently available on the dashboard and if I try to list or start a container I get this error: Catalog Error × BXNUI0513E: The attempt to retrieve containers failed because a problem occurred contacting IBM Containers. Try again later. If the […]

Bluemix: local Docker daemon is not reachable to authenticate it

I am having almost the same problem, as described in this thread. Unfortunately, the provided answer in this thread does not solve my issue. cf login works fine cf ic login fails: $ sudo cf ic login Password: Client certificates are being retrieved from IBM Containers… Client certificates are being stored in /Users/XX/.ice/certs/… Client certificates […]

bluemix container KO with ip public but OK in local

I push a container based on NodeJS (from DockerHub) on bluemix. The deployment and the IP public binding are ok but i can’t access the website. On my local network from 2 docker engines, the same container is ok and i can access the website. I tried adding the command “sleep 600” in the “CMD” […]

Virtual machine, container shared CPU on Cloud

Many cloud providers host instances with virtual machine or container. Let’s say I need 4 CPUs for my application and launch Google compute engine VM that has 4 CPUs. But it’s virtual machine. Is that guaranteed that all 4 CPUs are exclusively available to my instance, or are those shared with other unknown virtual machines […]

apt-get fails within container without sudo

I have observed a problem where apt-get install will fail within a container where: the package is already installed and, sudo is not used. This can be recreated by creating a simple container, e.g. docker run -it ubuntu:latest /bin/bash Within the container, run the following: apt-get install software-properties-common apt-get install software-properties-common The second time, this […]

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