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Is migration from docker to vm possible?

How to migrate from docker container to virtual machine ? Can somebody give links if any ?

Should I use docker (nginx) for serving a SPA?

I only have 1 javascript file(bundle.js packed by webpack) and 1 html. It’s kinda like SPA. I’m thinking how I host this SPA? I already have one clean VM on Amazon EC2. I was planning setup a docker (Nginx) on this EC2. However, as I said, this VM is clean. Only this SPA will use […]

Run apache tomcat server in docker container

I have a .war file I would like to run and start a server inside a docker container. Tomcat 8 with java 8. I am using docker pull komu/tomcat8-java8 Then I am not sure how to start the docker container containing my .war file. I also have a URL for it I would like to […]

Issue getting memcache container to automatically start in Docker

I have a container that is being built that only really contains memcached, and I want it to start once the container is built. This is my current Docker file – FROM centos:7 MAINTAINER Some guy <someguy@guysome.org> RUN yum update -y RUN yum install -y git https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm RUN yum install -y ansible && yum clean […]

Containers – What are their benefits, if they can't run across platform

I read over internet “containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries – anything you can install on a server“. I also read that linux containers cannot run on windows. The benifits of containers stated “Containers run as an […]

Docker – Multiple MySQL instances/containers running at the same time

Is there a way to allow multiple MySQL instances/containers to run at the same time?

Docker – Editing Mount Options

I am adding a disk quota to my Ubuntu docker container. To add quota support, I need to edit the mount options and add usrquota as explained here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-enable-user-and-group-quotas Usually you would edit /etc/fstab and add the mount option. My question, how would I add a mount option to a docker container?

Docker devicemapper storage space

Am getting the “no space left on device” error while removing a container. # docker rm orientdb1 Error response from daemon: Driver devicemapper failed to remove root filesystem ba18ea8014b6024eb738502612130244ff363b433f146102c64eb2eb0f3a321c: devmapper: Error saving transaction metadata: devmapper: Error creating metadata file: open /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/metadata/.tmp636968871: no space left on device Here is a snippet from “df -kh” output. Filesystem […]

Unable to Launch Node.js Application Inside Built Docker Container

I’ve built a docker container (node.js installed along with some project files) with the following Dockerfile: RUN yum install -y openssl wget unzip gcc gcc-c++ tar make automake git RUN curl -L https://www.opscode.com/chef/install.sh | bash [… Chef Related Stuff …] #Docker CMD WORKDIR /var/node CMD [“/usr/bin/node /var/node/lib/app.js”] The container it builds is designed to use […]

Docker – container with multiple images

I wanted to make a Dockerfile with multiple images to run in one container. What is the best method to go about this? Below is a list of what I wanted to run in a single container. I have not have any luck with making a Dockerfile with all of these included. MySQL Server RabbitMQ […]

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