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What are the advantages of running jenkins in a docker container

I’ve found quite a few blogs on how to run your jenkins in docker but none really explain the advantages of doing it. These are the only reasons I found (https://twasink.net/2016/08/01/setting-up-a-jenkins-server-with-docker/) : 1) I want most of the configuration for the server to be under version control. 2) I want the ability to run the […]

Deployment of container-images onto docker on kubernetes

I want to upload container-images containing my java applications onto docker using which I will deploy pods. Is there Java API which provides this functionality? I require these two functionalities: Uploading of java images onto docker from outside. Pushing these images onto docker registry. Thanks in advance.

How to create mysql volume which exists even if i remove the docker container

I created docker container with mysql using -v option: -v /storage/mysql1/mysql-datadir:/var/lib/mysql When i removed container i lost database saved in /var/lib/mysql . How can i create mysql container with -v option (to see everything from the host) and not lost the data?

AWS Container Service – what is the logging best practice?

My current approach is to have logging to stdout for each container and then get docker to send that to syslog, or to syslog to a remote syslog if the container cannot do stdout, and setup logstash to be that syslog sink. Does AWS offer any facility for logging that I should be considering instead?

Docker Continuous Integration with AWS

I’m currently trying to automate our dev process using CodePipeline. My docker application fetches from the Source(Github) -> Builds(AWS CodeBuild) -> Deploy. In the final deployment process, I’m having trouble revising my task definition and restarting my cluster tasks. I understand that I need a CloudFormation template to perform these actions, but there isn’t much […]

Docker in Windows Server 2016 is not working

I have a new Windows Server 2016, with all updates applied. I followed the commands from the quick-start and all of them went fine. Now when I run the command to Pull the image and run I got this: PS C:\Windows\system32> docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples:dotnetapp-nanoserver Unable to find image ‘microsoft/dotnet-samples:dotnetapp-nanoserver’ locally dotnetapp-nanoserver: Pulling from microsoft/dotnet-samples bce2fbc256ea: […]

ECS network host mode and links = CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists

I’m using AWS ECS to deploy my group of docker containers and in bridge network mode all works perfectly but with a slow performance… I’ve read that this problem resolves with a host network mode but if i use this, it causes an error on containers deploy (some of them), “CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists”. Looking […]

dockerize a wpf application and use it

I’m trying to dockerize a wpf application. Just a simple app for that time. for now i got this dockerfile : FROM microsoft/nanoserver WORKDIR C run “$PATH” #ENTRYPOINT [“C:\Users\TestDev\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\TestExe\TestExe\bin\Release\TestExe.exe”] RUN [“C:\Users\TestDev\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\TestExe\TestExe\bin\Release\TestExe.exe”] Si i tried with entrypoint, run and cmd. But got this error : The filename, directory name, or volume label […]

Docker Container Library Duplication

New to docker… Need some help to clarify basic container concept… AFAIK, each container would include app. code, library, runtime, cfg files, etc. If I would run N numbers of containers for N numbers of app. and each of the app. happens to use a set of same lib. would it mean my host systems […]

Is there are a difference in the way Docker and Rocket (rkt) containers access Linux kernel?

I read, that Docker uses libcontainers and rkt uses systemd-spawn to access Linux kernel. Although some web-sites are saying Docker can use systemd-spawn as well, so I am confused. What is the difference between it and how to know, what is the relevant way they do so?

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