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How to run gerrit cookbook inside docker containers?

I’m running community gerrit cookbook in docker using chef-solo. If I run the cookbook in a Dockerfile as a build step, it throws an error (check the log). But if I run the image and go inside the container and run the same command, it works fine. Any idea what’s going on? Its complaining about […]

Vagrant docker chef_solo provision fail on CentOS and SuSe linux

i have Vagrant configuration with docker provider and chef-solo provision and after vagrant up –provider=docker command, Vagrant fail at chef_solo provision step: CentOS fail ==> node1: Machine booted and ready! ==> node1: Running provisioner: chef_solo… ==> node1: Detected Chef (latest) is already installed The chef binary (either `chef-solo` or `chef-client`) was not found on the […]

Packer provisioning docker with chef-solo gets node name not found error

I am using chef version 11.16.4 and packer v 0.7.1 with docker v1.3.0 I am having trouble getting chef-solo to run the chef-solo provisioner after it installs chef-solo. I am getting the following error: ERROR: Unable to determine node name: configure node_name or configure the system’s hostname and fqdn I poked around on the internet […]

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