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How to configure freeSWITCH for a docker container inside boot2docker?

I’m trying to setup a Docker container running freeSWITCH so I can deploy it on a Debian server. For developing, I use a Mac running the freeSWITCH container within boot2docker. I need the container to work in both these environments. I manage to connect to the FS server with a softphone and place a call […]

Docker data volumes and scaling in a distributed system

Docker data volumes is living within the host or boot2docker on the local VM(boot2docker). Having big data from mongoDB running in a data container and mongoDB in another seems to be the way. Will this scale on Google Cloud Engine or Azure Virtuel Machines or other. I mean if all this is running within ONE […]

Boot2docker VM graphics

Boot2docker is a lightweight Linux distribution running in VirtualBox VM. All basic functionality works fine, I am able to use docker containers in MacOS X. However my application requires OpenGL rendering and I cannot get it working. How do I control which graphics acceleration is used inside that VirtualBox VM? I want to completely remove […]

Cannot get boot2docker port forwarding to work on docker mac os X

Here is what I have tried: My goal: running the prosody XMPP server inside a container, accessed by my (as-yet uncontainerized) local development environment. I installed the prosody XMPP server – this is what I am trying to use as a container for local development. It comes dockerized here: https://github.com/lloydwatkin/prosody-docker I ran, as per documentation: […]

Rebuild when files changes on docker

i’m starting to work with docker (with boot2docker on Mac OSX) and golang, Whenever I make changes on my .go files I want to be visible on the docker image. Is there anyway to do this? Or docker is not the appropiate thing to do this? Thanks

Vagrant start docker container after halt

I am using Vagrant boot2docker to provision docker containers. This containers are created and started during the provision process. After halting or restarting the VM and then calling vagrant up the containers are not restarted again. Also vagrant provision does not work a second time because the containers all have a fixed name to the […]

How do I configure boot2docker to start my containers on boot?

I’m fairly new to boot2docker and have some problem installing a process manager in it. The setup I’m going for is to use vagrant to create my local boot2docker development machine and configure the containers inside that VM. The Vagrant box I’m using is this one: yungsang/boot2docker. I have setup the boot2docker VM to create […]

Symfony2 app slow response on MacOS & Boot2Docker

I have a slightly big Symfony app, which I was running on Docker by adding all of the files in the Dockerfile, and run everything from within the container. I was doing this only for testing purposes, but now I wanted to switch the dev environment to Docker as well, and tried using -v parameter […]

Import a heroku postgres database dump into a docker database container with boot2docker

I’m running boot2docker on OSX 10.10. I have a database container set up so my databases don’t get reset every time I start/stop a container. I would like to import a dump of a postgres database from heroku into my docker database. Is this possible to do?

How to connect docker container via ssh?

I use the tutorial in this: https://docs.docker.com/examples/running_ssh_service/ and I have finish above step, and I use the docker ps to find the port ,and assume my port is 32769 when I input this command: ssh root@ -p 32769 it just show me : ssh root@localhost -p 32769 ssh: connect to host localhost port 32769: Connection […]

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