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Docker compose error: compose.cli.main.main: Container command could not be invoked

I am trying to run haproxy in a docker container. To build and run the haproxy from the image, docker-compose reads my .yaml file below. proxy: build: ./ env_file: .env ports: – “8000:80” – “9000:9000” After executing a docker-compose build, the image is created but while trying to spawn a container using the following, I […]

Redis Docker connection refused

I just built the redis docker instance $ docker pull redis After which I ran it like this. $ docker run –name=redis –detach=true –publish=6379:6379 redis I get the following $ docker ps key redis “/sbin/entrypoint.sh” 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>6379/tcp redis To me the above means that it is now running listening on […]

Mount a file in read/write mode for all in Docker

On my MacOS laptop I mounted a file in my newly created container using: docker run –name mediawiki –link mysql:mysql -p 80:80 -v /Users/poiuytrez/Downloads/LocalSettings.php:/var/www/html/LocalSettings.php –rm poiuytrez/mediawiki:1.25.3 However, apache seems to have issues to read the file. We can learn by running a bash command in the container that the read permissions is not applied for […]

Docker for window7 is not working

I have installed Docker toolbox in windows7. When i am running $docker run hello-world i am getting error like- docker: An error occurred trying to connect: Post dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it..

Copy or scp files to /var/lib/boot2docker for boot2docker VM managed by docker-machine

To use Docker on OS X, I’m using a boot2docker VM running in VirtualBox, managed by docker-machine. The boot2docker documents mention a persistence volume /var/lib/boot2docker. I would like to copy a file bootlocal.sh on the host filesystem over to the boot2docker VM. I thought that docker-machine’s scp command would work for this, docker-machine scp bootlocal.sh […]

Docker file permission php on Mac OS with docker-compose && dockerfile

I need a help about file permissions on my docker project. I’m using docker-compose + dockerfile and I’m having a problem that my php cant write files in my projects, so I cant develope. Here is my project https://github.com/marcoaure/my-php-docker/tree/16c1a69952ba57fb18b8de275f19ee8d3899054e

How to support input Chinese (UTF-8) in boot2docker(tiny core) /bin/sh (shell)

How to support input Chinese (UTF-8) in boot2docker(tiny core) /bin/sh (shell) For support Chinese (UTF-8), I try: su – docker -c “tce-load -wi getlocale coreutils ” sudo getlocale.sh ==> select en_US.UTF-8 ==> enter ==> this will generate mylocale.tce file su – docker -c “tce-load -i mylocale coreutils” Then relogin will Chinese filename is supported now […]

Setting up docker on Mac OS – php-intl cannot be installed

I have the following problem: I want set up a development environment on my Mac using docker and boot2docker. For that I created an image using the below Dockerfile. The Problem is, that my php-intl-Extension cannot be installed.. I tried various method. For example to enable it in php.ini via: extension=php_intl.so None of the methods […]

Accessing vagrant provider docker from vagrant virtualbox

I am running Vagrant and Virtualbox on Mac OS X. I have created one vagrant box using Virtualbox provider (some_centos machine) and second box using docker provider. Below you will see docker definition. config.vm.define “mysql” do |m| m.vm.hostname = “mysql-host” m.vm.synced_folder “.”, “/vagrant”, disabled: true m.ssh.insert_key = false m.ssh.username = ‘docker’ m.ssh.password = ‘tcuser’ m.vm.network […]

Installing docker without hypervisor Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

After installing Docker tools from https://www.docker.com/products/docker-toolbox unable to start Docker after restart. Always come with Pop-Up Box Unable to start Hypervisor. There is no option to activate Hypervisor in Laptop BIOS setup in the new HP Pro Book. Also try boot2docker same error message.

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