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Within Docker VM, Gulp-Watch Seems to not work well on volumes hosted from the host OS

So I have a setup, probably as most people have, where their app code is mounted into a Docker container through a separate volume. The problem is that if I run gulp, and specifically gulp-watch, to watch for file modifications etc. within docker, on the app code mounted within the docker container, to properly build […]

Performing a npm install via Docker on a windows host

I’m trying to create a docker dev tools container for a devlopement environment on a windows host via docker toolbox but I have some trouble running the npm install command. It worked fine on a linux host but on the windows host I got the following error : npm ERR! Linux 4.1.13-boot2docker npm ERR! argv […]

Can Docker help build executable that work in different platform

I am new to docker and so my question could be very naive/stupid. The application that we use presently need to be compiled in different platform to make it work in desired platform i.e Linux and Window mainly. So we need to compile source code(C/C++) in different platform and give different executable to customer as […]

Enabling Remote API in Docker on Mac OS X (boot2docker)

I can’t seem to figure out how to enable the remote API when using boot2docker. I am trying to use dockerode as follows: Docker = require(‘dockerode’) docker = new Docker(socketPath: “/var/run/docker.sock”) container = docker.getContainer(‘<my_container_id>’) container.inspect (err, data) -> debug data Data is null, despite there being a container with the id ”. I suspect this […]

Docker on Mac behind proxy that changes ssl certificate

My eventual workaround for the issue below was to convince our IT guys not to man-in-the-middle the dockerhub registry. I was not able to get anything else to work, alas. I am running into a problem with my initial attempt to get Docker running on my Mac at work, which is running 10.8.5. It appears […]

ELF Header or installation issue with bcrypt in Docker container

Kind of a longshot, but has anyone had any problems using bcrypt in a linux container (specifically docker) and know of an automated workaround? I have the same issue as these two: Invalid ELF header with node bcrypt on AWSBox bcrypt invalid elf header when running node app My Dockerfile # Pull base image FROM […]

“rsync” was not detected as installed in your guest machine

I’m trying to setup Vagrant with docker as a provider but when running vagrant up –provider=docker –debug I get this error: “rsync” was not detected as installed in your guest machine. This is required for rsync synced folders to work. In addition to this, Vagrant doesn’t know how to automatically install rsync for your machine, […]

Docker: go get from a private GitHub repo

I’m trying to run a container that will expose a golang service from a package that I have on a private GitHub repo. Since I am working with GCE, my starter image is google/debian:wheezy. After installing all the required dependancies and tools, I am running RUN go get github.com/<my_org>/<my_package> where the package is a private […]

Obtaining the ip address of a docker container

I have a ubuntu machine which is a VM where I have installed docker in it. I am using this machine from my local windows machine and doing ssh , opening the terminal to the ubuntu machine. Now , I am going to take a docker image which contains all the necessary softwares for eg: […]

Play framework auto-loading in docker container

I’m trying to set up a development environment for developing a play application in a docker container. I have created an image with sbt installed. I then map the project folder on my host to the container as a volume and run shell in interactive mode: docker run -v /Users/jorgen/dev/play-sbt-docker/app:/data/app -w /data/app -p 9999:9000 -i […]

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