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Is it possible to expose boot2docker ip on local wifi

Boot2docker as we know runs on a virtuelbox. I would like to access boot2docker from my phone on local wifi, just for testing. Is is possible to expose boot2docker so you can access the “boot2docker ip”?

Running apache on docker with Dockerfile in windows boot2docker

I created the Dockerfile below and I tried to build the docker file but it’s stop in Step 7 with below issue. FROM fedora:20 RUN yum -y update; yum clean all RUN yum -y install httpd; yum clean all RUN mkdir -p /var/www/html RUN mkdir -p /var/log/httpd RUN mkdir -p /bin/httpd-run # Create Apache test […]

How can I access a container on boot2docker through the web browser?

I’ve used docker successfully on my Ubuntu laptop, but my coworker has boot2docker on his Macbook Air and is trying to set up a container that we both need to work on. On the boot2docker VM I have 2 port forwards, -> 172…:80 and -> 172…:3306 where 172… is the container’s IP on […]

Running Boot2Docker on windows, can't connect to the VM ip

I can’t make Docker run the Hello-world or any of server-connection things, as you can see it gives me the client version but at the time of giving me the server version it just can’t connect… I have boot2docker 1.7.0 and running on Windows 7.

Docker Machine Virtual Box Driver Issue

I tried Docker machine for creating bare docker based VM using virtual BOX driver,When I tried changing the network from NAT to Bridge machine start showing error and no IP is assigned to the machine by the docker-machine.In addition to that, when I tried taking SSH of the machine it hangs my terminal. Is it […]

Unable to mount specific paths as volumes

If I run the following command: $ docker run –rm –volume $(pwd)/frontend/vhost.conf:/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf –interactive –tty mycontainer -c bash I get an error: Timestamp: 2015-11-30 15:47:43.468719608 +0000 UTC Code: Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 270b7bbd30a96fbe98c0992e80dd66f0947ea0868f8a2fc42fe0904267a6003b: [8] System error: not a directory However if I copy the mount point contents to another random folder name, the […]

Can a single docker host be managed by multiple docker-machine instances?

Using docker-machine on my system (S1), i created a docker host on AWS using amazon-ec2 driver. I have another system (S2) on which i installed docker-machine. Used generic driver and pointed docker-machine to manage the docker host on AWS. From this point onwards, i am unable to access the docker host from S1. Any suggestions […]

Host redirection not working boot2docker

I have installed docker(docker 1.6) via boot2docker vm in OSX environment. In my host machine I have redirected a host entry (in /etc/hosts). Following is my host file entry dockerreigstry.score.local This host redirection not available for boot2docker. If I ssh to boot2docker and execute boot2docker ssh ping dockerreigstry.score.local it always goes to original ip […]

Docker Machine / VirtualBox Mount Volume

On MacOS X, I’ve mounted an encrypted sparse image with my project working files to /Volumes/MyProject. I’d now like to share this path with docker containers, so I’ve tried to share /Volumes with the Docker VM in VirtualBox but it does not show up inside the VM. What am I doing wrong? The /Users directory […]

Using a any part in external_url causes the server to be unreachable on docker and docker-machine

An example of the commands being run: docker run \ –detach \ –hostname gitlab.docker \ –publish 8443:443 \ –publish 8081:80 \ –publish 2222:22 \ –name gitlab \ –restart always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/config:/etc/gitlab \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/logs:/var/log/gitlab \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab \ –env GITLAB_OMNIBUS_CONFIG=”external_url ‘http://gitlab.docker:8081/’; gitlab_rails[‘lfs_enabled’] = true;” \ gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest gitlab.rb external_url “http://gitlab.docker:8081” access url: http://gitlab.docker:8081 […]

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