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Find host ip from a docker container running in boot2docker / osx

I have just attempted to move an app into a docker container using boot2docker on OS X. This app requires to connect to a mysql server running on the host system (not in the app’s container or in another container). Now I’m struggling with configuring the mysql hostname within the “dockerized” app: So far it […]

Mac: how to remotely access server running inside docker container from other computers?

First I installed boot2docker on OSX 10.10, then I successfully ran a web container. With port redirection configuration, I can browse the web server by localhost:8080 in the browser. Now I want to access the server from other computers, in the same WLAN, by using of url my-mac-ip:8080. I googled over and tried many ways, […]

Connection refused when try to connect http server in docker daemon container

I am using boot2docker. I run one image at the daemon mode which starts grunt server at port 3000. This is the command I used to start it up. That image has already exposed port 3000 docker run -d -P –name dummy image_name grunt server docker ps 3af4ba19c539 image_name:latest “grunt server” 54 minutes ago Up […]

How to mount a docker volume while using a windows host?

Mounting a docker volume while being under a windows host, has been a huge pain for me, and i could not get it to work. Currently i got the following simple Dockerfile: FROM php:5-apache RUN apt-get update When i build an image from it, and start a container docker build -t phisch:dev . docker run […]

Docker: Nginx & PHP Container: no such file or directory

I want to play around with docker so I created my own 2 container, nginx and php. Both container are build successfully and are published on docker hub. After that I created a fig.yml in my projects folder. If I run fig up -d in my terminal, then I got the following error: Recreating playground_php_1… […]

Is it possible to run kubernetes as a docker container?

I’m very new to kubernetes and trying to conceptualize it as well as set it up locally in order to try developing something on it. There’s a confound though that I am running on a windows machine. Their “getting started” documentation in github says you have to run Linux to use kubernetes. As docker runs […]

Docker-machine : ca.pem not found

Here i am creating a test machine(dev) using the docker machine. $ docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev Creating CA: C:\Users\xxx\.docker\machine\certs\ca.pem Creating client certificate: C:\Users\xxx\.docker\machine\certs\cert.pem Creating VirtualBox VM… Creating SSH key… Starting VirtualBox VM… Starting VM… The vm gets created and runs with out flaws. And here is the error when i run the following command: […]

Boot2Docker: Connect to container over LAN

I’m using Boot2Docker 1.3.0 on my Mac and I’m pretty happy so far using it. But now I’d like to connect to a http container (exposes port 8080) not from my local machine but from another machine in my local network? If I’m doing it locally I just use so I’m using the ip […]

Docker error dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory

I use to have boot2docker installed but recently installed the Docker ToolBox app for the Mac (running 10.11). When I open up iTerm and type docker ps I get the following message. Get http:///var/run/docker.sock/v1.20/containers/json: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory. * Are you trying to connect to a TLS-enabled daemon without TLS? * […]

“Docker-compose up” does not pull images everytime , it recreates a pulled image

I have a Dockerfile with the following contents: FROM <docker-registry>/<image>:latest COPY mv setup /root/ RUN setup When I do a docker-compose up -d, Docker pulls the image and executes the steps. When I do a docker-compose stop and bring it back up, docker-compose dos not pull the latest image again. This is a problem for […]

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