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Stop recently started container in docker?

docker stop lastContainerName It works fine. I want to stop it using docker ps -l command docker stop | docker ps -l I tried this. Unfortunately docker stop –help getting executed. Am i missing something? How to achieve this? Any Suggestions.

How to create Dockerfile in Boot2docker to create an image

Can any one guide me how to create and edit a Dockerfile in boot2docker to create my own image? I am not sure which commands to use to edit the Dockerfile when in Boot2Docker shell.

How to ship python application through docker

I just now started using docker. I made a python application using python 2.7. Python code files are in my system and in bitbucket repository. I am able to run that file in my local system through eclipse. Now, how I can run that files in my docker and distribute the python application to other […]

running tcpreplay with docker and boot2docker

I’m working on a netflow logger and I want to setup some automated performance testing. I want to take my testing pcap and replay it to my program from within a docker image running under boot2docker. The networking side of this is stumping me. I can access my desktop (the machine hosting the boot2docker vm) […]

Docker: Strider CD dashboard assets broken on installation

System OSX 10.9.5 Docker version 1.4.1, build 5bc2ff8 Image niallo/strider (latest) a51ba391459b Goal Setup a docker instance as per this guide First attempt I followed the guide steps, but when I ran the final image: docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -p 27000:27017 -p 44:22 niallo/strider I was not able to access the dashboard through localhost […]

docker-swarm error: client and server don't have same version(client: 1.18, server: 1.17)

I have been experimenting to run docker swarm with machine. I am using virtualbox as provider. I am able to spawn three VMs and run them as swarm-master, swarm-node-00 and swarm-node-01. But I am not able to use my swarm cluster. Here are some additional info: [peeyush@localhost swarm]$ docker-machine_linux-amd64 ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL […]

Is Docker slow when using device mapper on Fedora?

I am experimenting docker and I plan to dockerize my project’s CI infratsructure. I am building dockerfiles on 3 different machines: Fedora, Ubuntu, and Boot2Docker (a virtiual machine under windows). Docker builds on fedora are a lot slower than on the other 2 machines, especially the opration that creates a new image after a Step […]

What is the best practices of using Docker for front end development on OS X and passthrough ENV from host to container

I am looking for best practices about front-end developing on OSX with docker and I have found number of projects on github. Here they are: docker-osx-dev boot2docker-xhyve coreos-xhyve docker-unison hodor The fact is I need two-way syncing files from host system to virtual container and vice versa via mounted (synced) folder and IO performance should […]

Why does boot2docker ip fail?

I am totally confused with this. I have installed boot2docker on Windows. I started it using boot2docker start icon. It has launched successfully. I tried out all the docker commands like pull attach run etc. Everything works fine. But when i try boot2docker ip It says -sh : boot2docker not found. What’s the problem? Am […]

Docker link container – environment variables not being displayed

Hello I am trying to link my containers following this guide: https://docs.docker.com/userguide/dockerlinks/ I run docker run -d –name mongodb devops-mongodb Then I run docker run -d -P –name rest-api –link mongodb devops-rest-api To link my mongodb container to the rest-api container. Then the documentation told me to do this to view the environment variables: docker […]

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