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compiling docker on win64 using go

C:\Go\src\pkg\github.com\docker\docker>go build # github.com/docker/docker/pkg/system pkg\system\meminfo_unsupported.go:6: undefined: ErrNotSupportedPlatform pkg\system\stat_unsupported.go:7: undefined: syscall.Stat_t pkg\system\stat_unsupported.go:12: undefined: syscall.Stat_t pkg\system\utimes_unsupported.go:8: undefined: ErrNotSupportedPlatform pkg\system\utimes_unsupported.go:12: undefined: ErrNotSupportedPlatform pkg\system\xattrs_unsupported.go:6: undefined: ErrNotSupportedPlatform pkg\system\xattrs_unsupported.go:10: undefined: ErrNotSupportedPlatform # github.com/docker/docker/pkg/term pkg\term\term.go:16: undefined: Termios # github.com/docker/libcontainer/devices ..\libcontainer\devices\devices.go:73: undefined: syscall.Stat_t what am I missing is it syscal pkg which is not found any one else came with this

Docker Push Fails

My docker pushes with the latest version appear to be failing almost all the time. This is what happens with gcloud docker — push The push refers to a repository [us.gcr.io/rndb-140315/dream_closet] 80a8fcd2cfa1: Layer already exists 3bca4b8aadf9: Layer already exists 1f3202a15537: Layer already exists 5549f40f950c: Layer already exists 5f70bf18a086: Layer already exists 34d126c63186: Layer already exists […]

Docker on OSX with Certificate Authentication Proxy

I’m using OSX 10.9 to run docker and am having issues using it. I was able to get around the initial Boot2Docker image pull by downloading it manually, but building my image fails due to the following: Sending build context to Docker daemon 88.72 MB Sending build context to Docker daemon Step 0 : FROM […]

windows docker pull EOF

I installed boot2docker on Windows and I am having problems pulling images. I get an EOF error both when directly pulling and when trying to run directly (in that case Docker guesses it has to pull an image). Any ideas why this might be? I put my Docker version and info below:

How to start a docker container when windows boots

Is there a recommended way of starting a docker container when windows boots? I’m investigating around vboxmanage guestcontrol (see: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch08.html#vboxmanage-guestcontrol) but I’m don’t figure out all of that. Any best practice to recommend? Regards, Xavier

Connection refused when trying to access SOLR instance running in boot2docker on windows

I pulled this SOLR docker image and then followed the instructions to run it. docker run -d -p 8983:8983 -t makuk66/docker-solr Typing in docker ps yielded 1197d246f0e3 makuk66/docker-solr:latest “/bin/bash -c ‘/opt/ 50 minutes ago Up 50 minutes>8983/tcp suspicious_sinoussi So I know it’s running. In order to connect to it I know I can’t use […]

OSX with Boot2Docker is not deleting files when removing images

I removed a bunch of old images using docker rmi and I’m not seeing a reduction is disk space on my localdisk. Only when I destroy the boot2docker VM do I see the increase in space. Any reason for this?

Docker: invalid tar header

I’ve created an image for docker on my Ubuntu 14.04 with the latest version of Docker (1.6.2): sudo docker save ‘something’ > something-image.tar On a mac I installed the latest Boot2docker and run this docker load < something-image.tar Which gives this error: FATA[0489] Error response from deamon: Untar exit status 1 archive/tar: invalid tar header […]

Docker – Mount Windows Network Share Inside Container [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Mount SMB/CIFS share within a Docker container 2 answers

How to access current directory with Boot2Docker and Docker?

I run Docker container docker run -it python from which I can’t see my local files. How can I mount my current (host) directory (from which I run docker) as current directory inside the docker container? So that I can import file inside the container and it will find the local file.py. I could only […]

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