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Docker VM is unable to start!! Using Windows 7 — Docker Toolbox

Expected behavior Start the default docker-machine Actual behavior Looks like something went wrong in step ‘Checking status on default’ Information Starting “default”… (default) Check network to re-create if needed… Unable to start the VM: exit status 1 Details: 00:00:50.718299 NAT: DNS#3: Looks like something went wrong in step ‘Checking status on default’… Press an […]

Confused about Docker 1.12 types

I am new to docker and I am a bit confused of what is the difference between Tasks/Containers and between Images/Services. If somebody can explain a little bit about them I will appreciate it.

Error looking up volume plugin flocker: plugin not found in docker

Flocker plugin does not work!!! docker: Error response from daemon: create apples: create apples: Error looking up volume plugin flocker: plugin not found. it seems so irritating root@abi:/etc/flocker# service flocker-docker-plugin restart flocker-docker-plugin stop/waiting flocker-docker-plugin start/running, process 27056 but while checking in /var/log/flocker/flocker-docker-plugin.log Flocker Plugin start message not found!

How do I configure amount of RAM to be used by kalabox on Ubuntu

I’m trying to run 2 instances of kalabox for two separate pantheon wordpress sites on my laptop with 6 GB of RAM and my system grinds to a crawl when I boot up (kbox start) the second app. As I’m on Ubuntu I can’t just tweak the Kalabox memory setting in VirtualMachine as it’s not […]

vagrant up –provider=docker SSL cert issue

I know how to get around vagrant box SSL cert issue “box_download_insecure” but not sure how to get around SSL cert issue while doing the below vagrant up –provider=docker SSL Cert problem: unable to get local issuer cert I could not find anything specific to this issue. any help is greatly appreciated.

boot2docker – add corporate certificate authority

I installed using DockerToolbox-1.12.0.exe. I am not able to access https sites as the corporate proxy issues its own certificates. I have added export http_proxy in /var/lib/boot2docker/profile. How can i add corporate certificate authority certificate to boot2docker. Docker pull is not working. curl -v doesn’t work either. Using curl, am getting curl: (35) Unknown SSL […]

Vagrant and docker Protocol error mounting directory windows 7

I have a custom boot2docker with this configuration attached to the .iso config.vm.provider “virtualbox” do |v| v.customize [‘storageattach’, :id, ‘–storagectl’, ‘SATA’, ‘–port’, 0, ‘–device’, 0, ‘–type’, ‘dvddrive’, ‘–medium’, File.expand_path(“../boot2docker.iso”, __FILE__)] v.customize [‘modifyvm’, :id, ‘–nictype1’, ‘virtio’] end config.vm.network “private_network”, ip: “”, id: “default-network”, nic_type: “virtio” My files in the directory mycompany/ dockerhost/ Vagrantfile Vagrantfile The vagrantfile […]

Docker machine is active, but shown as aborted in Virtual Box

I do not understand, what is going on with docker machine on Windows using docker toolbox. The machine is listed as active, when I run > docker-machine ls But when I go to the Virtual Box and check the machine state, it is shown as aborted. I also can not run the machine directly from […]

mocha not return anything when using docker

I have a nodejs app, which has some test return with mocha: I have a docker-compose.yml with the following: app: image: alvin/node working_dir: /app command: node app.js volumes: – .:/app ports: – “3000:3000” environment: – NODE_ENV=development When I run docker-compose up, it works: Recreating node_app_1 Attaching to node_app_1 [36mapp_1 |[0m Sever listen to port: 3000 […]

boot2docker behind proxy – certificate signed by unknown authority

I have installed DockerToolbox-1.12.0.exe on Windows 7. The corporate proxy provides its own certificate to do MITM. I have configured boot2docker to use the proxy by exporting environment variables in .profile. I am still not able to do docker run hello-world as i am getting – docker: Error while pulling image: Get https://index.docker.io/v1/repositories/library/hello-world/images: x509: certificate […]

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