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Is it possible to execute CMD at the middle of docker file?

I am installing hadoop-0.20.2 using docker. I have two files one is for java installation and another is for hadoop installation. I am starting services using CMD command cmd [“path/to/start-all.sh”] Now, i want to to write third dockerfile which executes an example Map-Reduce job. But the problem is Third docker file depends on second hadoop-docker […]

Virtual Box on Windows while using Docker

The following documentation says: “Docker is installed and running inside of your local Native Apps Virtual Machine in Virtual Box” My Questions: Question 1:I am using Windows 7, so is it like when I installed the Docker on my windows machine, there already existed a Virtual Box on my Windows machine and the docker got […]

How to access a mysql database that is into a Docker continer?

I’m working in a windows environment and I have my MySQL database into a Docker container, but how I should access from an external application? Right now I’m just want to use a regular Java Class to test the connection but what address should I use? I’ve tried with the boot2docker ip, but that doesn’t […]

Docker (under boot2docker) does not look for/find local images when building

I’m running Docker on OS X under boot2docker 1.3.1 I built myself an image, oceania/python: $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE oceania/python 0.1 800229a896ff 16 hours ago 510.4 MB I have another Dockerfile now where I want to use FROM oceania/python When I try to build this image I get: Sending […]

Docker: How does this (not) work?

I am trying to create a docker image which runs an sql server. For this purpose I did the following steps on a Windows machine. Run a mysql container to copy an init file into the virtual machine (not sure whether this step is actually necessary): docker run -i centurylink/mysql /bin/bash -c ‘cat > table.sql’ […]

Why is “docker start” outputting the name of the container?

I have a small minimal test container made using the ruby image. The ruby script is simple, and outputs the single string “Twitter”. When I first run the image and create the container, I get this output: $ docker run -it –name my-running-script my-ruby-app Twitter Great so far – the script completes and the container […]

Docker how to run mongodb in dockerfile

I have a dockerfile that runs a maven build. I am following this guide: https://hub.docker.com/_/maven/ So far in my dockerfile I have this: FROM maven:3-jdk-8-onbuild It runs the build and fails as expected because the integration tests require that the mongodb server on the localhost is running. My question is, what do I write in […]

Installation of system tables failed! boot2docker tutum/mysql mount file volume on Mac OS

I have trouble mounting a volume on tutum/mysql container on Mac OS. I am running boot2docker 1.5 When I run docker run -v $HOME/mysql-data:/var/lib/mysql tutum/mysql /bin/bash -c “/usr/bin/mysql_install_db” i get this error Installation of system tables failed! Examine the logs in /var/lib/mysql for more information. Running the above command also creates an empty $HOME/mysql-data/mysql folder. […]

My docker container was created with no name and no tag

I’m creating a docker image for hakyll compilation. Here’s the dockerfile: FROM haskell:7.10 RUN cabal update && cabal install hakyll This file is in some folder on my D: drive: D:\Haskell\docker\docker-hakyll. I’m using Boot2Docker on Windows to build it. docker images gives me REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE <none> <none> 195a730d8827 33 minutes […]

VirtualBox and Nginx very slowly serving cached static JS and CSS files

Apparently this is a rather known issue: Vagrant/VirtualBox/Apache2 Strange Cache Behaviour, http://smotko.si/nginx-static-file-problem/, https://twitter.com/meinharrd/status/580098162716774400, that attempting to use VirtualBox with Nginx or Apache exhibits buggy behavior (modifying a file will update the contents, but not the length, so making it shorter leads to garbage at the end, and making it longer just truncates at the original […]

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