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How to access files downloaded on my windows machine from boot2docker?

I have a file which is downloaded from browser. I have boot2docker on my windows machine. From boot2docker, how can i access my downloaded file? Is it possible?

Store `docker run` command output in BASH variable

I’m having an issue storing the output of docker run -it -d -p 43211:3000 –name appname -h hostname -v $PWD/local_dir:/root/remote_dir repo/imagename in a BASH varibale. I tried `backticks`, I also tried running it like the official docs say BASH_VAR=$(docker run …), I even tried storing the output in a file with docker run –…>$FILE_DESCRIPTOR, but […]

Saving a Docker image with boot2docker

For starters, I’m pretty new to Docker. I’ve created a simple image which I would like to share. As publishing to the hub is not an option, I’m trying out the docker save command. I’m on Windows 7, so I’m using Docker with boot2docker. Saving an image does not work. I’ve tried the following commands […]

Unable to install packages using Docker on Mac

This morning I’ve started playing with Docker, so installed boot2docker on my Mac. All seemed to be going well, following the Working with Docker Images documentation until I tried to create a Dockerfile to install the ruby gems. I spent a long time banging my head against the wall as to why it couldn’t connect […]

How to scp a folder from windows to boot2docker?

My Windows hostname is xxxxr and domain name is yy.zz.com I have a shared compute service whose domain is qq.pp.in and ip is a.b.c.d I logged into the scs as xxxxr scp -r xxxxr@yy.zz.com:file1.txt xxxxr@qq.pp.in:file2.txt When i execute this command through putty. I get ssh: connection timed out. Any suggestionds?

Docker Rest Apis using node.js

How to run the docker rest apis in the localhost environment using node.js. I need to know the port settings and the urls which will be used on it etc.

fig.sh and mysql container losing all data after stopping services

I have a fig setup that is so inconsistent that is driving me nuts. At random times between stopping services and restarting it loses the mysql data that was created. I tried with data only containers and linking them with volumes_from and even setting the volumes directive. Last night my computer froze and I had […]

Docker integration in OpenShift

I came to know about Docker concept which seems very interesting. I have installed Docker on my windows machine using boot2docker, which works as expected. I have seen many blogs which talks about docker support in OpenShift, wanted to know how well it supports and what are the ways this can be integrated in OpenShift […]

boot2docker command works on shell, but not in script

New to docker here. I have a series of commands which, if fire them off on the shell, work just fine, but if I put them in a script, don’t. boot2docker destroy boot2docker init boot2docker start boot2docker ssh & host=$(boot2docker ip 2> /dev/null) # everything works fine up to here ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/id_boot2docker -o “StrictHostKeyChecking […]

How to build boot2docker.iso from source?

I’m trying to setup Docker on OSX not using the OSX App or Vagrant. I noticed boot2docker now supports the VMWare Guest Additions to mount directories. However the latest version including these changes hasn’t been released yet. So how do I build a new boot2docker.iso file from the GitHub repository? Boot2docker includes a documentation on […]

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