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docker build is not work

I can’t seem to get docker build to run correctly: wangyaos-MBP-3:~ wangyao$ cd /Users/wangyao/Ozintel/docker/flexcloud/ wangyaos-MBP-3:flexcloud wangyao$ ls Dockerfile apache-tomcat-7.0.62 jdk1.8.0_45.jdk wangyaos–3:flexcloud wangyao$ docker build -t=”Users/wangyao/Ozintel/docker/flexcloud” . Invalid namespace name (Users). Only [a-z0-9-_] are allowed. wangyaos-MBP-3:flexcloud wangyao$ cd /Users/wangyao/ wangyaos-MBP-3:~ wangyao$ docker build -t=”Users/wangyao/Ozintel/docker/flexcloud” . Cannot locate Dockerfile: Dockerfile wangyaos-MBP-3:~ wangyao$ docker build -t=”Users/wangyao/Ozintel/docker/flexcloud” docker: “build” […]

How do you run an .exe file on Docker?

I am currently trying to understand and learn Docker. I have an app, .exe file, and I would like to run it on either Linux or OSX by creating a Docker. I’ve searched online but I can’t find anything allowing one to do that, and I don’t know Docker well enough to try and improvise […]

How to install Cloud Foundry CLI on Ubuntu

I am a docker newbie. I have an ubuntu image and wanted to install Cloud Foundry CLI on it and am unable to do so. I downloaded the binary for CF CLI from https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cli/releases and untarred it. The untar is successful but I am unable to run the CLI. When i run the cf i […]

Docker External File Access Not in /Users/ on OSX

So, despite Docker 1.3 now allowing easy access to external storage on OSX through boot2docker for files in /Users/, I still need to access files not in /Users/. I have a settings file in /etc/settings/ that I’d like my container to have access to. Also, the CMD in my container writes logs to /var/log in […]

deploying nodejs on docker

I am trying my hands on deploying a sample node js application to docker. I am following the tutorial from http://oskarhane.com/create-a-nodejs-docker-io-image/. In the tutorial , there is step 4: where the author asks to modify the app.js with the code and place in /app/www/app.js But my question is when I do winscp , I could […]

Boot2docker very slow on Windows without shared folders

I have a Docker image with Oracle database and around 5 million rows that I need to process. My machine runs Windows 7, and I use Docker inside a Virtualbox VM running Ubuntu. The VM is configured with 2 GB RAM and 4 logical cores. The database is running inside a Docker container on the […]

Linking Docker Containers

I have a nodejs app i’m trying to run in a docker container. My app uses mongodb and redis. I’ve pulled down both a mongo and redis container and dockerized my app. I started up my mongo and redis containers like: docker run -i -t –name redis -d redis docker run -i -t –name mongo […]

Docker fig multiple server deployment

I have built my application image using docker.I need to deploy it on multiple servers.I came across this tool called dockerfig.I followed this link.http://www.slideshare.net/Docker/dockercon-europe2014weitingkuo. After generating all files when i run fig up command. I get this error: Unsupported config option for web1 service: ‘docker_host’ My fig.yml is like this. web1: build: . docker_host: tcp […]

Kafka setup with docker using kafka-rb for clients

I am completely new to Kafka and I have trouble getting it right. I have following setup with “wurstmeister/kafka-docker” for docker using docker-compose: zookeeper: image: wurstmeister/zookeeper ports: – “2181:2181” kafka: image: wurstmeister/kafka ports: – “9092:9092” links: – zookeeper:zk environment: KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME: # KAFKA_AUTO_CREATE_TOPCIS_ENABLE: ‘true’ KAFKA_CREATE_TOPICS: “events:1:1” volumes: – /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock For a producer and consumer I […]

Access Windows GPU in Boot2Docker

Is there a way to work with the Windows GPU in Boot2Docker? In particular, I’m aiming to be able to record audio with pyaudio inside of a Docker container. I know that when running on Linux, you can use the –device flag to mount /dev/snd/ appropriately; however, I need this to be able to run […]

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