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Scope of the 'read-only' flag when mounting a volume in Docker

I am attempting to achieve a setup with directories /foo /foo/bar Where /foo/bar is a directory mounted from the local file system but /foo is not. I would like /foo/bar to be read-only, but /foo to be read-write. Is this achievable in Docker?

SSH Setup on Docker Container

I have installed the ssh-server using sudo apt-get install openssh-server on my ubuntu:latest Docker container running on Mac OSX Yosemite. I got the IP address of the container using boot2docker ip. Using the Network Utility I can verify that port 22 is open on that IP. However, I cannot ssh into that container’s filesystem. I […]

Slow network performance in Docker container

I’m running the latest docker/ docker-machine on OSX Yosemite and VirtualBox and I’m trying to connect to a lein ring server running in a container from the host the loading is slow as in like Load time is over 1 min The following is my configuration Docker 1.12.0 Docker Machine 0.8.0 VirtualBox 5.0.24 My Docker […]

docker toolbox on windows then docker run hello-world gets x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Tried many of the examples but none work for me. My Docker version: C:\>docker version Client: Version: 1.12.2 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: bb80604 Built: Tue Oct 11 17:00:50 2016 OS/Arch: windows/amd64 Server: Version: 1.12.3 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: 6b644ec Built: Wed Oct 26 23:26:11 2016 OS/Arch: linux/amd64 […]

Docker: can not access container host/port

I have a container ps -a de3ff650fbef tasklist-img “/bin/sh -c ‘java -ja” 2 minutes ago Up 2 minutes 8080/tcp,>8081/tcp tasklist-img-01 And could not access like localhost:8080/task-list When I inspect I got json with ip address, it is also unreachable }, “NetworkSettings”: { “Bridge”: “”, “SandboxID”: “82398f58a56f6685223df13f0e053c1ad388505ff595ec270eb4e9a445109641”, “HairpinMode”: false, “LinkLocalIPv6Address”: “”, “LinkLocalIPv6PrefixLen”: 0, “Ports”: […]

Exposing a Docker container port

I have been trying to connect to a docker container via ip, but reamins unsuccessful. When I used “docker inspect container-id” I get this result. My virtual box settings are by default: Can someone help me resolving this issue?

ENTRYPOINT & CMD commands with mongod results in unknown option error

I am using multiple Dockerfiles to setup my server infrastructure. One of the Dockerfiles I build is a MongoDB server which will be linked to a running web server application in a later step. Currently, I have the problem when running the MongoDB server I receive following error: “Error parsing command line: unknown option port […]

Use last container name as default in docker client

docker client for docker ps has very useful flag -l which shows container information which was run recently. However all other docker commands requires providing either CONTAINER ID or NAME. Is there any nice trick which would allow to call: docker logs -f -l instead of: docker logs -f random_name

how to replace the default ssh key to get access to docker-machine

I am using docker-machine to create a develop environment. I want to change the docker-machine default ssh key. I check the config of my new machine: docker-machine config develop –tlsverify –tlscacert=”/Users/robe/.docker/machine/machines/develop/ca.pem” –tlscert=”/Users/robe/.docker/machine/machines/develop/cert.pem” –tlskey=”/Users/robe/.docker/machine/machines/develop/key.pem” -H=tcp:// when I try to access using the key: –tlskey=”/Users/robe/.docker/machine/machines/develop/key.pem” With this command: ssh -i /Users/robe/.docker/machine/machines/develop/key.pem docker@ Then I got the prompt […]

Adding CPUs accessible by docker for TensorFlow on Windows 10

I’m using Tensorflow on windows 10 with docker (yes, I know Windows 10 isn’t supported yet). It performs ok, but only looks like I am only accessing just one of my cpu cores (I have 8). Tensorflow has the ability to assign ops to different devices, so I’d like to be able to get access […]

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