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docker cannot remove images?

docker images lists test latest e10eb3d3a067 7 days ago 1.094 GB But i tried to remove it using docker rmi e10eb3d3a067 docker rmi -f <same_id> It says, No such id :<different id, not the one i provided> and Error: failed to remove Any suggestions to remove it? I reffered this But i don’t have any […]

How can I push a war from windows system to boot2docker's VM tomcat webapp folder?

According to boot2docker docs: The first of the following share names that exists (if any) will be automatically mounted at the location specified: Users share at /Users /Users share at /Users c/Users share at /c/Users /c/Users share at /c/Users c:/Users share at /c/Users In my case I can see an automount for c:/Users. However how […]

Setting up Docker on Windows for PHP – can not find config file

I installed boot2docker and trying to pull some images from a private server. It asks to –insecure-registry to the config file but can not find it. Has anyone encountered the same issue and is there any solution?

Docker PHP / Apache Container – Sendmail 553 Error “Domain of Sender Address does not exist” when trying to send mail

I’m having trouble sending e-mail on my PHP/Apache docker container via sendmail. I’m wondering if someone has a simple, straight forward solution. I am not a systems/server expert by any far stretch and my smtp/sendmail expertise is equally underwhelming. Thanks in advance for the help. Below is the error I’m recieiving: sendmail: 553 5.1.8 <apache@a0aca7313106>… […]

Mariadb-10.0 install fails in boot2docker with “policy-rc.d denied execution” but works in Docker

I’m trying to setup a Vagrant + Docker based development environment on OS X 10.9. The first step is to create a container for MariaDB 10. However, for some reason, the Docker image won’t build in the boot2docker VM on my OS X machine even though it works perfectly fine on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve tried […]

How to make docker container to be accessed only in intranet

I want to run a docker container in my server, and expose a specific port to other server in the same intranet. But I don’t want my container can be accessed by internet outside. Is there any solution for my situation? Any help will be appreciated.

Proxy in boot2docker running containers to run on port 80 and a custom host name

I’m using boot2docker to setup different Docker containers on OSX. However the URLs for the applications running in these Docker containers are accessible through the IP and port e.g. Since the applications I’m working on are configured to run with a web server called Pow and URLs like htp://myproject.dev, I’m having trouble migration to […]

Access web server over https in a Docker container

I’m using Boot2Docker to manage Docker containers in Windows and I have a container running an IBM Liberty server (I guess is the same for any other server), I can access the server home screen in the host machine using only the ip (which I get using the command boot2docker ip), but if I try […]

Docker run giving different result to docker build (trying to use 32bit image on 64bit host)

I’m trying to use a 32-bit docker image (from https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/protomouse/debian-i386/) on my 64-bit machine and am getting a result I wasn’t expecting. First up, I’m using boot2docker and have v1.5.0 of the boot2docker image (the current version). My machine is Darwin x86_64. Once docker is all set up: $> docker pull protomouse/debian-i386:wheezy $> docker run […]

Docker/Boot2Docker/Fig + RabbitMQ host issue; pika.exceptions.AMQPConnectionError: [Errno -2] Name or service not known

I have just started learning RabbitMQ and Docker/Fig. I have a very simple example with 3 fig containers, one each for the Rabbit Server, Producer, and Consumer. In /etc/hosts I have set my boot2docker ip to an alias of dockerhost: /etc/hosts dockerhost When I fig up -d the RabbitMQ server, everything works as it […]

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