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command not found when running in docker bash script

I have a docker-compose file that executes a bash script on entry. This bash script removes a few files, and then attempts to printenv which returns the error printenv: not found Now if I run the docker container in interactive mode and execute the printenv it works fine. Running docker in interactive mode docker run […]

Docker .Net Core app on Ubuntu not opening in localhost:8000

I am working on Ubuntu 16.04 and I have a docker app with .Net Core on Windows and am trying to get it to run on Ubuntu. I have docker and .Net Core running without error. When I run “sudo docker-compose up” it runs the server and is listening on “http://+:80.” But I can’t open […]

Execute multiple commands from shell to docker container

I am trying to do in one command, do a bash from docker container, open mongo and make a request with something like ‘db.test.find({});’ I am reading from others similar post without success. This is the command that I am executing. docker exec -it mongoDB bash -c ‘mongo ; use test; db.test.find({})’ And that command […]

Change ENTRYPOINT to container after building

I have a Dockerfile, which ends with: ENTRYPOINT [“/bin/bash”, “/usr/local/cdt-tests/run-tests.sh”] After building this container, I want to run it, but instead of executing this bash script (run-tests.sh), I want to open up a terminal window inside the container to inspect the filesystem. If there were no ENTRYPOINT line, I could do this: docker build -t […]

bash syntax error while running docker command

I was getting an error while running the docker ps command which is – > An error occurred trying to connect: Get > http://localhost:2375/v1.21/containers/json?all=1: dial tcp > ConnectEx tcp: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. I was trying to correct the error using the instruction present in this […]

How to run “docker-compose up” command in .sh file?

I am trying to run Docker container every day using a cron job. * * * * * /Desktop/cron1.sh This is my cron1.sh file: #!/bin/sh mkdir /home/tomato/bizzz #working cd bizzz #not working docker-compose up #not working

execute docker commands from bash file

How can one run docker commands from a bash (sh) script? I am trying to run: #!/bin/bash container= $(docker ps –format “{{.ID}} {{.Names}}” -a | grep testServer | awk ‘/’$imid’/ { print $1 }’); echo $container but I get a blank for the container. TIA

How to make docker fail or check version exists

I have maven running a bash to build something with Docker. <plugin> … <artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId> … <exec executable=”${basedir}/generate.sh” failonerror=”true”> <arg value=”${thrift.version}” /> … The bash script runs something like: for file in src/main/thrift/*.thrift; do echo “Compiling ${file}” docker run {…} thrift:${THRIFT_VERSION} thrift {…} done My problem is, when Docker can’t find the version I’m requesting, it […]

Jenkins – Cannot run program “docker”

Trying to use a docker agent with a declarative pipeline… pipeline { agent { docker { image ‘rubygem/calabash-cucumber’ } } … The build job finds the docker image but then skips all stages and quits with a Java exception: [test_automation] Running shell script + docker pull rubygem/calabash-cucumber Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from rubygem/calabash-cucumber […]

How Can I Get Mitmproxy Docker to Work on Windows Bash?

When I try running mitmproxy Docker container on Windows bash, I get an error message that the Docker daemon isn’t running. How can I get it to run? docker run –rm -it -p 8080:8080 mitmproxy/mitmproxy docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?.

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