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Run docker and keep zshhistory from host (zsh shell) in docker container (bash shell)

I am using options: HIST_FILE=/root/.bash_history -v ~/.zshhistory:/root/.bash_history but it is not getting the zshhistory in the container.

How to source docker environment configuration files?

docker allows to configure container environment variables using –env-file option. –env-file format is defined as: The –env-file flag takes a filename as an argument and expects each line to be in the VAR=VAL format, mimicking the argument passed to –env. Comment lines need only be prefixed with # Example file: TEST_APP_NAME=foo bar TEST_APP_DEST_HOST= TEST_APP_DEST_PORT=8888 I’d […]

docker-compose up didn't finish npm install.

I’m new to docker-compose and I’d like to use it for my current development. after I ran docker-compose up -d everything was starting ok and it looks good. But my nodejs application wasn’t installed correctly. It seems like npm install wasn’t complete and I had to do docker exec -it api bash to run npm […]

Tailing multiple files in a container

I have a container in which the process outputs to multiple log pipes not files which I want to tail to the docker logs. What I would like on top of that is the ability to prepend each log entry with the pipename so that when I’m running log analysis over the top I can […]

How to run docker image , take ssh of container and bind port to “49” in single cmd?

I wanted to run the image and take the ssh (bin/bsh) of container at the same time. To start a container and take ssh docker run -i -t –entrypoint /bin/bash <Image ID> But in above cmd, I am not able to bind port to 49.

mysql_config_editor with docker

Hi I’m trying to use mysql_config_editor tools directly in my Dockerfile: FROM mysql RUN mysql_config_editor set –login-path=local –user=root –password But this command ask the user to enter the password. Is there a way to set the password directly from the Dockerfile knowing that it is not possible to set the password directly in the command […]

dockerfile with windows path

I would like to launch COPY command dockerfile for build image docker with copy bash file from host(windows 10) to ubuntu image like this : COPY “C:\toto\directory_good\base.sh” /home/docker/scripts/base.sh I try a lot of possibility but I always have the same error message : lstat C:\base.sh: no such file or directory I want to provisionning and […]

Installation of OpenFOAM throws read-only file system error while using Docker

I’m trying to install OpenFOAM on Mac with Docker. I followed this tutorial. After I ran docker run -ti openfoamplus/of_v30plus_rhel66 /bin/bash to start downloading, it threw the error docker: failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): lchown /opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-v3.0+/tutorials/discreteMethods: read-only file system. AFTER the download finished. I’ve tried it multiple times: still the […]

Docker with `/bin/bash -c` running mysql deamon

I’m trying the mysql container. The CMD parameter for that container is mysqld. Therefore, the following parameters are the same. docker run –name db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=proot –rm mysql docker run –name db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=proot –rm mysql mysqld Now the problem arrives when I want to use multiple commands. In order to use multiple commands in […]

Script to check mosquitto is healthy

I’m trying to create a health check script for mosquitto (to be used by docker). if [ -z “$USERNAME” ]; then mosquitto_sub -t ‘$SYS/#’ -C 1 | grep -v Error || exit 1 else mosquitto_sub -t ‘$SYS/#’ -C 1 -u $USERNAME -P $PASSWRD | grep -v Error || exit 1 fi The issue I’m having […]

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