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How do you access the line-in sound card within a docker containder

How do you access the line-in sound card within a containder docker. HOST: Centos 7 CONTAINER DOCKER: Centos 7 I would like to do this in Ubuntu host too?

How to use alsa sound and/or snd_pcm_open in docker?

I am running an Ubuntu 12.04 Docker container on an Ubuntu 16.04 host. Some test code I have exercises ‘snd_pcm_open’/’snd_pcm_close’ operations with the SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK and SND_PCM_STREAM_CAPTURE stream types. I do not need any actual sound/audio capabilities but just getting the ‘snd_pcm_open’ return 0 with a valid handle, then ‘snd_pcm_close’ to return 0 on the same […]

Access Windows GPU in Boot2Docker

Is there a way to work with the Windows GPU in Boot2Docker? In particular, I’m aiming to be able to record audio with pyaudio inside of a Docker container. I know that when running on Linux, you can use the –device flag to mount /dev/snd/ appropriately; however, I need this to be able to run […]

Running MPD server with Mopidy docker container, how do I play on Mac?

I’m running the Docker container stilllman/mopidy. I can access the Mopidy UI at http://localhost:6680 and can also control the music that is playing after installing mpc with homebrew. However, I cannot figure out how to hear the music that is playing. The container acknowledges the new MPD connection when I try to use the mpc […]

Docker with a Virtual Sound Card for Stream Altering

I have a docker container in which I want pass audio through, and alter sound using various standard utils before passing it onto a virtual sound card which will stream to another destination using icecast2 source. The Host machine is a server without a sound card, and I have loaded snd_loop and exposed /dev/snd/* to […]

Emulating microphone input to Chrome inside Docker container

Background I am trying to control the input to a WebRTC web application running on Chrome, controlled by Selenium, inside a Docker container. This is part of an automated test of the WebRTC application. As part of the test, I need to be able to check that the audio is being received on the other […]

Docker: JACK server is not running

I’m running a host of docker containers with ROS, for controlling a robot. One of the container has to play some audio files through the sound_play package. However it returns the error Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory Cannot connect to server request channel jack server is not running […]

How to play sound in a docker container

I’m trying to dockerize a text to speech application for sharing the code with other developers, however the issue I am having right now is the docker container cannot find the sound card on my host machine. When I try to play a wav file in my docker container root@3e9ef1e869ea:/# aplay Alesis-Fusion-Acoustic-Bass-C2.wav ALSA lib confmisc.c:768:(parse_card) […]

How to expose audio from Docker container to a Mac?

I know it’s possible by using pulse audio on a Linux host system But paprefs is built for linux not mac.

Record Sound on Ubuntu Docker Image

I would like record audio with ffmpeg when I capture my screen. The error I’m getting when using alsa is that is that my image does not have a sound card -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:0 Here is how to reproduce on a fresh version of Ubuntu Start a session in a new ubuntu […]

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