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Structure of Angular / NodeJS repository which will run in docker

We have repository with an application written in Angular. It needs a docker container with nginx to be hosted. The nodejs needs a docker container of nodejs so our app will be split up in 2 containers which will be linked. So to write 2 dockerfiles (one for each image) we have to split up […]

How to combine a Nginx and a NodeJS Docker container

I’ve a nodejs container which hosts my backend and I have a nginx container which is hosting my Angular. They are both working fine. I’m able to visit my nodeJS container and I’m able to visit my Nginx-container. The problem is there seems to be no connection between the containers. The nginx container is only […]

Docker and Angular app: one or two containers?

I have difficulties to understand the whole proces of an Angular-app in Docker. So anguler needs a webserver to run (like nginx) but also needs nodejs to access the backend? Do you have divide this in 2 containers or how do you have to perform this? I have now 1 container which had as base […]

RestAPI and Front-End on the same port in Docker

I have created new droplet on DigitalOcean and installed Docker. I have two containers, one with my NodeJS app = RestAPI on port 8080, and second with Nginx that basically expose my static html files (with AngularJS) on port 80. But now, I want to start making requests from my Front-End AngularJS app to the […]

Docker Nginx with Angular JS – Load Static CSS, Images, JS with dynamic url

We are moving our legacy deployment to Docker Containers. All services will be running in seperate docker containers. Services includes Postgres, Redis, JobProcessor, LogProcessor, Nginx with Consul template, Consul, Registrator, Rabbitmq and the Platform(Node JS). We have splitted these services as Master and Platform. Master services includes all the above mentioned services except the platform. […]

Dockerize stack: MapServer – AngularJs web app – Lumen API – PostgreSQL

I’m trying to solve some of my question regarding the architecture of a system consisting of the following: AngularJS web application frontend MapServer generating & serving map images through WMS Lumen REST API backend containing all the business logic PostgreSQL database with PostGIS to store spatial data Which is the proper way to dockerize that […]

Defaulting a variable to current window location if environment variable is not set

I am trying to dockerize a javascript project. The UI project reads its API endpoint from an endpoint that is set as an environment variable of the container at runtime The way I parse this environment variables is by setting as foolows apiUrl: ‘http://’+JSON.parse($envVariable).endpoints.backend + ‘:80’ There is a shell script that replaces the value […]

Protractor in a Docker container – Wait for full page to load

This is my first post on StackOverflow so please be gentle. I’m running some Protractor tests with a Docker container. The tests work nicely out of the container, but in it, protractor doesn’t wait for some Angular ajax calls to totally fill some div. it(‘Should check first years are equal’, function () { var firstElementFirstYear […]

Use GitLab CI to deploy app with ftp

I’m currently working on a little Angular Web project. And I found this great tool named Gitlab CI. I read the docs and setup a node docker to build the webapp. Then I want to upload the builded app with ftp to my server. And this is where my trouble starts. First here ist my […]

Invoke docker container from Jenkins pipeline which is also running as docker container on Windows for docker (for Windows 10)

I have installed docker for Windows on Windows 10. Pulled latest Jenkins image and start a container. Jenkins is started up and running. In my Jenkins pipeline, I m building node application. I want to build this node application through Jenkins pipeline but within another container (docker container running from node and angular image) . […]

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